We are the largest Python software house in Europe—maybe even the whole world.


Founded in 2005 and based in Poland, we have 150+ Python developers and 15+ years of experience under our belt to meet your custom Python development needs.


We provide a comprehensive range of services for end-to-end product development, from Product Design to DevOps. However, our top specialty remains Python.


This sharp focus is what sets us apart from the competition. If Python is your tech stack of choice, there’s no better company on Earth for you to work with.


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Why choose Python web development services?

If you care about building your product quickly without sacrificing the quality, you should be using Python. It’s a versatile, easily readable language, popular with startups and SMEs, great for MVP development and prototyping, and widely used in industries such as fintech, machine learning, or big data.


Python has grown to become one of the top languages in the current tech landscape, especially if you’re looking to deliver your product to the market fast or utilize trending solutions.


This isn’t just our opinion. Tech giants like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox, Netflix, or Spotify have all trusted Python, and it clearly was the right choice.


Why work with STX Next?

15 years

of market experience


projects delivered

3+ years

average partnership


clients served


professionals on board

6.5 years

average experience

of our Python developers

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Why is STX Next the right development partner for you?

Python has been our core
for over 15 years

Python development services were our first line of business and remain at the heart of STX Next.

Over 150 Python
developers for hire

As Europe’s Python Powerhouse, we have an unbeatable roster of skilled Python and JavaScript developers. Scale up and down at will with our deep pool of Python experts.

Full range of complementary services

In addition to Python programming, we have everything you need for a long-term, end-to-end tech partnership.

We’re hungry for a challenge

Our reputation attracts the best Python developers you can hire. These top-notch specialists are always out for a challenge, ready to give 120% of their coding skills into any project that needs it.


Dedicated Python development teams

Our teams will work exclusively for you. In the majority of cases, one team sits in one room working on one project, ensuring full focus.

True project ownership

We will build your Python project as if it was our own; our reputation depends on it. We are interested in why you want to build your product, not just what it is or how to build it.

What do we promise if you partner up with us?

A true partnership only works if both sides bring everything they’ve got to the table.


Here’s what you can expect when you join forces with STX Next:


  • outstanding, non-corporate atmosphere, team spirit, and great people to work with;
  • truly Agile working environment composed of small, independent teams working in Scrum with a flat organizational structure;
  • expert knowledge and understanding of Python 2 and 3;
  • demonstrated experience with multiple Python web frameworks, like Django, Flask, Pyramid, Twisted, or others; expertise in using code versioning tools, such as Git;
  • tried and tested use of best Python practices;
  • effortless English communication skills;
  • deep awareness of the threading limitations of Python and multi-process architecture;
  • strong skills in unit testing and debugging.



Which Python frameworks
do we have the most experience in?

Django development services

Arguably the most popular Python web framework out there, Django offers a comprehensive package of all the tools you need to build your application. By providing integrated and ready-to-use solutions, the framework favors a “batteries-included” approach to software development.

Thanks to its robust and reliable tech stack, Django delivers complex solutions fast, makes your project highly scalable, and last but not least gives you stability and security. It’s also a perfect fit if you’re looking to develop an MVP quickly.

Flask development services

A microframework with all the basic functionalities of a web app, Flask is the glue that brings together Python’s plethora of extensions and libraries. Flexible, customizable, and high-performing, the framework bets on experimentation with your tech stack and doesn’t shy away from the newest technologies on the market.

When you need a number of highly specialized (micro)services or small, disparate features, you can’t go wrong with Flask. Ease of use and small code base size are also welcome additions.

Pyramid development services

Even though freedom and openness are at the heart of Pyramid, the framework is very stable and mature, offering a solid foundation for complex or highly non-standard projects. Effortless to customize with unlimited possibilities, Pyramid allows developers to use any and all practices they choose to create your software.

“Start small, finish big, stay finished”—that’s the mission statement of Pyramid. Aimed at seasoned professionals unafraid to play the long game, the framework provides an ideal setup for building features in completely new and exciting ways.

Twisted development services

One of the most mature Python projects around with a long market presence, Twisted can be used for writing asynchronous code as simple to read as regular, synchronous code. The basic functionalities of the framework can be expanded with additional extensions that allow for both application-level work and low-level programming.

Actively maintained and supported, Twisted is a great choice for writing specialized services. The advanced age and maturity of the framework also give it a unique edge over many other asyncio-based solutions.

Python development services we’ve provided to our clients

  • Python web application development;
  • Python custom software development;
  • prototype development;
  • technology consulting;
  • integration with third-party providers;
  • REST and XML API integration;
  • migration from Python 2 to 3;
  • converting monolithic apps to microservices;

  • big data visualization, dashboards, charts;
  • integrating payment data (PCI-compliant);
  • building financial trading systems;
  • test automation with Python;
  • building pipelines and workflows;
  • building custom CI/deployment systems;
  • migration from PHP and other languages to Python;
  • support and maintenance.

Examples of Python projects we’ve delivered


Featured in TechCrunch, Unity offers a high-performing, flexible, end-to-end development platform for creating rich, interactive experiences in 2D, 3D, VR, and AR.

Their powerful editor and graphics engine are perfect for developing gorgeous apps or games and effortlessly bringing them to multiple platforms, systems, and devices.


Acquired by MasterCard in 2019, Vyze is a leading fintech company for manufacturers and retailers.

Bringing together a comprehensive lending supply, technology, and support, Vyze helps businesses provide simpler, more satisfying financing experiences to their customers, wherever and whenever they shop.


Part of WPP plc, Hogarth is one of the largest advertising production companies in the world, with over 2,500 employees in 20 countries. Their client base is predominantly made up of sizable, multinational advertisers.

Hogarth specializes in the production and adaptation of advertisements for TV broadcasting, print, and digital media.


During our 15+ years on the market, we have delivered 350+ projects for 130+ clients in several dozen industries, ranging from fintech and big data to education and advertising.

We encourage you to head over to our Portfolio for a broader overview of the companies we’ve worked with.

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