The success of your project is our top priority. We place your needs at the center, no matter if you choose to extend your team, delegate the development from beginning to end, or ask for a consultation. We want to be your partner and an experienced guide through software development.

Consulting & Expertise

Solving your problems or improving your product with the help of subject matter experts

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End-to-End Development

Full development team taking your project all the way from discovery to deployment

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Team Extension

Additional developers or experts supporting your development efforts within 14 days

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Consulting & Expertise

In the dynamic landscape of product development, you may encounter challenges or wish to identify potential areas for improvement.

Whether you're facing some unresolved issues or seeking optimization opportunities, our expert consulting services offer a detailed analysis and a comprehensive guide on how to refine your product to align with your business objectives.

New Tech Solutions

Let’s look at the most important benefits of digital acceleration to understand how digitally transforming your FinTech business can deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Harness the potential of next-generation technological advancements and beautiful designs and get invaluable insights to enhance decision-making, drive efficiency and profitability.


At STX Next, we build solutions for businesses of all sizes - no matter the industry.

We have vast experience in delivering state-of-the-art software aligned with the particular industry requirements and business objectives, supporting growth and digital transformation.

Complementary Services

STX Next is your one-stop-shop for all business needs. Discover our additional bespoke services that will support your next steps.

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Due Diligence

Uncover any potential issues, liabilities, or risks associated with your investment or acquisition with our Technology Due Diligence audit focused on code, architecture, infrastructure, and tools.
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Partner Cooperations

Get access to the latest solutions built by our partners and seamlessly integrated into your business by our team including software process mining platform or enterprise-ready generative AI.



End-to-End Product Development

As an all-in-one technology partner, we can help you turn your idea into reality with a dedicated team of professionals.

We’ll start with discovery workshops and prototyping, to seamlessly transition into development, testing, and maintenance after a successful product launch.

You retain complete control over the project, while we support you with strategic guidance.

Team Extension

Seamlessly add people to your team and expand your skill set. From regular to senior engineers and IT specialists, we match you with the right talent for faster and more efficient results in both frontend and backend technologies.

As a global IT consulting company, we offer flexibility and scalability for all your projects reflecting your business needs.

Solutions we delivered


A feature based on OpenAI GPT model that allows users to explain any Python snippet directly within the app. Any portion of code can be interpreted without the need to leave the tool. The solution also supports code generation from a supplied natural language prompt.



A solution integrated with generative AI providers providing users with an AI assistant through a designated smart-chat. Users can enjoy all the generative AI features while maintaining the privacy and security of their data.




An application for audio lovers and audio content creators allowing listening and uploading podcasts and audiobooks implemented with the Learning to Rank Machine Learning model for repositioning search results and Semantic Search capabilities



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