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Outsourcing design
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of design


might be


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of designers

might take way

too long

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Domain knowledge

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designers' turnover

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Our Process

That’s why we've redefined design contracting for 
enterprise-level companies:

Team players

not a group of freelancers
Our designers work closely with each other, sharing competencies and building relationships - supported by the internal STX Next leadership network.


oriented designers
Access experienced design teams working closely with development teams who are familiar and comfortable with different frameworks and complex systems.


know-how & experience
Thanks to a diverse product portfolio, our team has experience from many domains that is shared and utilized across the entire department.
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design team

Our UI/UX designers are primed and ready to plug into your team to define the NEXT in tech
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We fit right into your timline,
budget & industry-specific needs

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Creating a vast design system to reinforce design transformation.


Comprehensive design support for all design-related initiatives focused on Data Storytelling.


Supporting and scaling up design system work for a various portfolio of projects.



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the deadline

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balancing act

Managing big projects can spread your attention thin, leaving less room for design details, even though they’re crucial.
That's where we come in. Our remote design team steps up to support, from new features implementation, polishing your design framework, to a full-scale redesigns. This frees you up to concentrate on your main business areas.

Product roadmap

hopes are high

Feeling the heat with your project's scale and pace? We get it. Hunting for the right design talent and juggling management tasks can really slow you down.
Lean on us for just the right number of design experts to hit those tight deadlines—no added weight on your company's shoulders. Our crew plugs in and plays along smoothly, sticking with you until you're nodding with satisfaction.


the right talent

is a nightmare

Struggling to find designers skilled in corporate-level complex products? The hunt for talent with the right expertise and attitude is daunting.
Skip the search with our team of 50 product designers. They bring the corporate design experience you need and ready to ready to dive into your project on demand.

Why it


We don’t wait around for instructions; we're self-starters who dive right into the heart of the work. By independently researching and thoroughly understanding the challenge, they deliver top-notch results that seamlessly plug into our workflow and domain.
Jagoda Tylkowska
Design Ops Lead

Don’t just take our word for it:

The team is very product-oriented - they try to understand the product and its end users. This means that there are more sets of eyes looking after potential User Experience issues, which results in a better product.
Ron Shteinberg
Head of Product and Operations
Source: Direct from Client
I am immensely impressed by the AI and product design capabilities.

STX Next has delivered the software, leading to its adoption within the client's business and subsequent project growth. Their team impresses the client with their customer service, AI and product design capabilities, and ability to understand the project well. They also promptly respond to queries.
Media Technology Director
AdTech Company
Verified by Clutch, Jan 23, 2024
STX Next was impeccable. They assigned an incredible team of people with expertise across product, design, graphics, UX and UI to assist me with my goal. They were challenging, insightful and ultimately the best people I could have chosen to do a part of my project that I did not have the skills for. Not only this, but they pushed my project forward with their thoughtful questions, which in turn made my entire idea better and made the value for money much more than I could ever have hoped.
Bryony Harrower
Product Manager
Verified by Clutch, Jan 23, 2024
Our STX Next team cares about our product as if it were their own.

STX Next has successfully relaunched the client's web and native applications. The team has also launched a premium-tier product and a user-feedback-driven redesign. STX Next showcases impressive communication skills via Slack and works under Scrum methodology, using Jira for project management.
Verified by Clutch, Oct 9, 2023
STX Next took the time to really understand what we wanted to achieve and how we envisioned the product.

The designs met all requirements and have attracted new clients and prospective investors. STX NEXT is moving into the development stage. The team is highly collaborative, providing creative solutions and responding quickly to inquiries. They’ve delivered high-quality products at exceptional value.
Security Firm
Clutch, Oct 9, 2018



& skillset

Explore what you can trust us with.


UX Design

Our process encompasses the best of user-centered design methodology, focusing on product usability, performance, and business KPIs.


UI Design

Our visually captivating interfaces enhance user experiences. We design complex platforms with ease, focusing on consistency and best practices.


User Research

We delve deep to gather insights, analyzing competition, and implement best practices for product enhancement.


Auditing & Consultancy

Our experts review products, maintain competitive edges, and tackle design challenges.


Production Design

We ensure designs are ready for development handoff, providing assets that facilitate front-end tasks.


Testing & Validation

Before any launch, we test usability and validate business and design decisions.

What is the primary goal of STX Next’s Product Design Team?

In short, we meet the business needs of our clients and solve their problems for them.

We create products, not just software. At any given point during production, we focus on the value our work brings to your business and your end users.

Diverse as they are, our designs are far more than just eye candy—they are functional and useful, first and foremost.

The wide range of services we provide aims to make your product stand out from the crowd and serve your users like no other on the market.

What is the structure of our team?

Our team is built on two core principles:

  1. The “UX unicorn” is a myth.
  2. Design is a team sport.

The greatest ideas and solutions are born when you bring together different people with different skill sets and backgrounds. This is why our team always approaches design challenges as a group.

Team spirit and synergy are key. We know each other and work well together as experts in different fields.

Individually, we are:

  • UX Designers
  • UX Researchers
  • Interaction Designers
  • Usability Experts
  • UI Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Motion Designers
  • UI Developers

Put all of the above together, and you get our Product Design Team—constantly learning and growing to serve you as effectively and efficiently as possible.

What toolbox do you work with?

Our team works Agile and constantly uses new solutions. We never apply the same processes for different clients.

Instead of sticking to a single set of tools, we created our own toolkit of UX-related techniques to better serve the individual needs of our clients. Since we work on projects that vary in both scope and size, it only makes sense to choose the right methods selectively based on the requirements of each project.

We call this the “Toolbox Approach.”

Sketch is the basis for our UI design, but the more advanced graphics, illustrations, or photo manipulations are done using the Adobe suite.

Beyond strictly production tools, software such as InVision is also essential to present the effects of our work to our clients or co-workers.

It also goes without saying that we love to experiment with new tools and solutions whenever we get the chance—that’s what makes the design process so much more fun.

Do you work within a specific design framework?

We favor a variation of the Double Diamond Design methodology combined with the Discover–Define–Deliver flow. It does wonders to make sense of all the available design processes, tools, and methodologies out there.

Our framework of choice serves two basic purposes:

  1. It provides a clear structure that helps justify our design process, as well as build trust and confidence among the project stakeholders.
  2. It’s flexible enough to allow us to change tools at will based on the circumstances.

If you’re unfamiliar with the methodology and flow we’ve mentioned—don’t worry. We’ll guide you through it and explain everything step by step.

Do you work closely with development?

Yes, we absolutely do! If you ask us, constant conversation beats the “waterfall” approach any day of the week.

Designing a product doesn’t end with handing over the design specifications to the development team—that’s where it begins. We see the way we work with our developers as a steady stream of constant conversation, adjusting our process to each project individually.

For instance, when we’re building a product from scratch, the Product Design Lead takes the reins in the first stage of development to translate the client’s expectations and the user’s needs to what we like to refer to as the “soul” of the project—the initial functional and aesthetic direction of the process.

Over time, though, we work closely with the Product Owner and the developers to support them in executing the specific design flow and functionalities. The cooperation grows even stronger the closer we get to preparing the final versions of how the end product is supposed to look and behave—the so-called “production designs.”

Adapting our solutions to existing technological limitations or looking for alternatives are some of the greatest design challenges. We see tailoring our ideas to the time and budget as an internal part of the process.

How does the 1 FTE (full-time employee) setup work with you?

We structured our team in a way that allows us to use up the monthly budget to the limits of its effectiveness without the risk of exceeding it.

Each of our projects has a dedicated Product Design Lead who acts as a knowledge facilitator for the team and a single point of contact for the client and the development team.

They also secure and distribute the various talents of the members of our Product Design Team to work on their project for a given period of time. For instance, there might be a greater need for a UX Researcher and Usability Expert in the first phase of the project, while in the later phases the focus may shift toward Visual and Interaction Designers.

To put is simply, the Product Design Lead is responsible for:

  1. facilitating and organizing knowledge for the rest of the Product Design Team,
  2. presenting and articulating our design decisions to the client and the development team.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as the competences of the Product Design Lead go. They also:

  • have a deep understanding of the client’s current situation and business goals;
  • manage the monthly skill set assembly and workload for the Product Design Team based on current needs;
  • manages all the deliverables and developer handoff;
  • present, validate, and manage the feedback for all the design decisions made for the product;
  • proactively work toward meeting the strategic milestones for the product experience;
  • provides product strategy support with the overview of the whole Build–Measure–Learn process;
  • are present at the development team rituals and meetings, if needed.

“Why do you use this approach?” you may ask.

Well, for starters, because it’s open, honest, and fair to the client.

We strongly believe that design is a team sport, and the greatest ideas and solutions are born when you bring together different people with different skill sets and backgrounds.

This setup also allows us to be flexible enough to anticipate and allocate our design efforts based on the ever-shifting priorities in the Agile environment. Additionally, working this way creates a sense of group ownership of our projects.

My product is complex. Will you be able to onboard quickly and effectively?

Complex and abstract projects are our specialty. Experience has taught us that we have what it takes to tackle them quickly and tackle them well.

We treat the initial “Discovery” stage of our process very seriously. We believe each product can be described using stories with real-life examples that anyone can understand, no matter the level of complexity. All you need to do is establish the right relationship with the stakeholders, know which questions to ask, and when the time is right to do it.

The first phase of development is when each Product Design Lead acquires knowledge and gets answers to questions like:

  • Why are we building what we’re building?
  • Who are we building this for?
  • Where and when are people going to be using our product?
  • What exactly are we supposed to create?
  • How do we measure the product’s success?

We use tools and frameworks that allow us to break even the most intricate ecosystems down to the bare essentials and suggest interface solutions that effectively meets the needs of the business and the end user.

Additionally, we do a ton of our own research beforehand on the industry our product will function in, the business context, and the target audience—all to be a better conversation partner for our clients.

What’s the difference between working with you and a marketing agency?

Marketing agencies use a lot of intermediaries who aren’t really competent to discuss design.

Our Product Design Lead, on the other hand, is always a skilled professional who understands design and uses it every day. They talk directly to the team, eliminating any communication friction.

What’s the difference between working with you and a freelancer?

With us, 1 FTE = the sum total of 15 professionals collectively using all of their competences to work on a single product.

With a freelancer, 1 FTE = whatever skills they just happen to have.

Like we said before, the “UX unicorn” is an urban legend. We offer you a range of specialists with different skill sets, who will combine their best qualities in a way that is perfectly suited specifically for your product.

We’re a team, first and foremost—stronger together. And that’s what we’ll bring to your project.

What’s the difference between working with you and in-house designers?

It’s simple, really. We give you all the benefits of using an in-house team, with one key advantage over them: experience in working on a number of different projects in different fields.

True, there’s very little difference as far as the processes are concerned. Our Product Design Leads are close to you, take part in team meetings, have full knowledge of your product.

But our perspective is much wider, since we’ve worked on countless products from disparate industries that couldn’t be more different from each other.

This makes our approach more holistic, our ideas more disruptive, and our solutions more innovative.