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C-level guide to nearshoring

Employing over 100 Python developers we are the biggest Python and agile software house in Europe. Over the past 12 years we have delivered more than 200 projects for leading brands in the United States, Europe and the Middle East helping our clients with their web and mobile development.


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We provide software development outsourcing services helping our clients to maximise ROI of their critical software projects. From planning to final deployment, we support companies and start-ups at each step of the development process enabling them to improve time to market for high quality web and mobile products.

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Our partnership with STX Next is built on trust and a recognition that both our companies succeed and fail together. By trusting each other and being open and honest with one another, we are able to quickly get to the root of issues when they arise and deal with them effectively. We are both committed to making our partnership work as effectively and efficiently as possible and are constantly inspecting and adapting our processes to ensure that we continuously improve the relationship and quality of our shared work.

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Employing over 120 Python developers we are the biggest Python Django software development company in Europe with web and mobile teams. Check our recommendation on Clutch.
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