Power of Cloud Innovation

The world changes rapidly. To stay ahead of the competition, 
you need to embrace the future of IT innovation. 
We can show you how to harness the power of cloud technologies.

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Partnering with
STX Next

Choosing STX Next ensures a seamless transition to the Cloud. We help businesses become more efficient, competitive, and agile.

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Aim higher with strategic thinking and proper guidance

Transforming a company into an efficient cloud-based business requires a meticulously crafted strategy and a trusted consulting team ready to advise and support you. At STX Next, we equip you with insights that optimize your cloud strategy and offer expert guidance throughout every step of the project.

Our consulting services include:

Advisory services

Together, we can navigate the complexities of cloud computing. Whether you need help selecting the right cloud provider, designing architecture, or optimizing resource utilization, our consultants provide unique recommendations tailored to your needs.

Auditing Capabilities

Our team conducts comprehensive audits of cloud environments on various platforms, providing companies with a holistic view of their cloud infrastructure and actionable recommendations for improvement.

Recommendations and Implementation Support

After the audit, you receive a detailed report outlining our findings and ready-to-implement recommendations. For companies needing extra assistance we offer ongoing support to ensure successful adoption.

The Cloud becomes top of mind for technology leaders around the globe

The last years have shown that more and more businesses have been moving to the Cloud. 
The pandemic has fueled the rapid acceleration
of cloud solutions adoption and new trends in cloud usage are emerging every day.


nearly worldwide public cloud end-user spending is forecasted to reach this year up from $491 billion in 2022.


of companies plan to migrate from legacy enterprise software to cloud-based tools by 
the end of 2023.


over half of businesses will industry cloud platforms to accelerate their business initiatives.


of organizations will adopt a digital transformation model predicated on the cloud as the fundamental underlying platform by 2026.

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The Cloud in

a nutshell

Cloud technologies enable companies 
to reengineer their back-end architectures and put them in virtual environments where they can be accessed remotely. Thanks to the cloud solutions, businesses can benefit from user workspace and virtual machines.
A well-implemented cloud service is a way to run web applications from any place in the world and use advanced AI models.

How to move to the Cloud step by step

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications, IT operations and processes to a cloud computing environment. It should consist of the following essential steps:

Prepare a business case that will explain why what kind of a workload should be migrated to the Cloud.

Choose the right partner that will help you migrate and plan all the remaining steps.

Assess your current needs and prioritize applications that can be re-platformed.

Choose your Cloud service model (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Private Cloud).

Software as a Service – software delivered over the internet that can be accessed without installing it locally
Private Cloud – an environment dedicated to a single organization hosted within the organization’s own data center or on a private network
Infrastructure as a Service – a service offering virtualized computing resources like virtual machines, storage, and networking
Platform as a Service – a platform and environment for developers to build, deploy, and manage applications

Document and execute your migration plan.

Employ Cloud monitoring tools and plan for ongoing, continuous improvement.

Learn more about technologies of tomorrow

What’s in the Cloud for your business

When you collaborate with the right IT partner, you can unlock the entirely new potential 
of innovative technologies. At STX Next, we transform businesses by:

Cost reduction

As on-premises servers and hardware are eliminated, our customers save up to 54% on their IT expenditures. They don’t have to invest in maintaining, updating, and replacing expensive infrastructure. 
Also, the need for extensive 
in-house IT teams diminishes.


The cloud is available 24/7. No matter where you are, your customers can access your services.

Robust security

Our cloud solutions include modern security measures. This reduces the likelihood of data breaches by 50%. We keep up with the latest cybersecurity threats – your data is 100% safe with us.

Insights & analytics

Cloud technologies can bring much-needed insights to your fingertips in seconds. Data is easy to share and collaborate with your employees.

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Perfect scalability

You can adjust cloud solutions as your company grows or changes. You can scale up quickly whenever needed.

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If you want to boost growth and make the most out of Cloud solutions, we’re here to help you maximize your business potential.
Wojciech Paprocki
Head of Cloud
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