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STX Next

Working with STX Next guarantees a streamlined journey into data engineering. We help businesses become more efficient, competitive, and agile.

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One of the biggest challenges of many industries is Big Data

STX Next offers a comprehensive suite of Data Engineering solutions. Seamlessly integrate diverse data sources to drive better decisions, enhance customer experiences, and increase efficiency.

STX Next solutions for Big Data

If you’re ready to bring your data to the next level, we’re here for you. Thanks to our experience in various markets, we offer a wide portfolio of advanced Machine Learning and AI-based data tools and solutions that will help you empower your business and accelerate growth.

What do STX Next Data Pipelines mean in practice?

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Customized solutions

We build solutions that are perfectly tailored to your data needs and requirements. We’re flexible and agile – no problems with changing expectations!

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We design our data pipelines to scale alongside your business's growth.

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Security and compliance

Wee provide unwavering data integrity and security, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your customers.

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Expert support

Every customer holds VIP status in our eyes. Our team of seasoned data engineers is dedicated to supporting you at every stage of our partnership.

Why Data Engineering?


of all data workflows will be managed by the Cloud by 2024  – according to Gartner, ¾ of organizations monitoring IaaS/PaaS environments will consume metrics via the cloud provider’s API.

By 2030

data literacy will become the most in-demand skill, strongly associated with and driven by artificial intelligence.


financial data breaches occurred from January 2018 to June 2022, highlighting the ongoing significance of data security as a major concern.


exabytes of data generated globally every day is the projected amount by 2025. This influx of data will come in a variety of formats, structures and volumes.

Data can often be challenging

The buzz surrounding data has been persistent for some time, showing no signs of abating. Many companies in high-demand sectors like FinTech, Automotive, EdTech, AdTech, and MedTech grapple with data-related challenges that hinder their growth prospects.

We're aware of this issue and can help you with:

  • Understanding big data
  • Data growth issues
  • Integrating data from a spread of sources
  • Properly securing data
  • Collecting real-time data insights for better decision-making

With our years of experience, we assure customized solutions designed to meet your unique requirements across industries. Elevate your decision-making and pave the way for success today.

Learn more about technologies of tomorrow

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What is Data Engineering?

Data Engineering is a set of complex operations to make data available and usable to data scientists, Business Intelligence developers, and other groups within an organization. Data Engineering is the foundation that enables other teams to perform valuable raw data analyses, create predictive models, and show trends.

Key benefits of Data Engineering

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Cost efficiency

Optimize resource utilization to avoid unnecessary expenses in data processing and storage.

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Product development

Gain a deeper understanding of user preferences, behaviors, and requirements.

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Faster time-to-insights

Generate insights to quickly respond and adapt to changing business needs and market trends.

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Data-driven decisions

Access dependable, timely, and actionable data to bolster your decision-making processes. Opt for more informed choices that fuel growth and innovation.

Data Engineering process

The entire process covers a sequence of tasks that turn a massive amount of data into a practical product that meets the needs of analysts, Machine Learning engineers, and data scientists. The Data Engineering flow consists of three stages:

  • Data ingestion. Moving data from various sources to a target system to be further transformed.
  • Data transformation. Adjusting disparate data to the needs of end users, including removing errors and duplications.
  • Data serving. Delivering transformed data to end users.
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The mechanism that automates the stages above is known as a data pipeline. A data pipeline is a combination of tools and processes that move data from one system to another for further handling and storage. At STX Next, we use data pipelines for data:

  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Processing
  • Transformation

Use Cases

Having developed many data engineering solutions in various sectors, our expertise goes beyond technical skills. Discover a number of real-world examples highlighting the seamless implementation of our data engineering services.

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Wunderman Thompson

Transforming Digital Experiences: Learn more about our partnership with Wunderman Thompson, where we revolutionized their digital experience by building a state-of-the-art AI tool to check the quality and consistency of 100,000 brand assets.
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Standing Out in a Fierce Market: Explore how STX Next empowered VetMedux to shine in a highly competitive landscape, elevating its brand presence and market impact through strategic solutions.
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The most important and best thing that I've experienced is communication styles. The communication has been flawless. Przemysław (Product Owner) has been amazing to work with, answering my questions. I've been able to work with several of the developers as well whenever I have challenges that I come across. And everybody has been willing to help and to try to help me solve the issue that I'm experiencing

Becca Thompson

Customer Success & Project Manager, Brief Media

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