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Embrace the Future of Finance

If you’ve been struggling with:

  • Delivering unparalleled customer experiences
  • Redefining the very essence of efficiency
  • Budget and time constraints
  • Cybersecurity and data protection issues or lack of transparency
  • Compliance and regulatory challenges, as well as fraud prevention

you need a robust data engineering solution that has been tailor-made to both industry standards, and your specific FinTech needs. Join us to unlock the full potential of finance using high-end technology.

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in savings for the insurance industry by 2023 thanks to the use of AI


reduction in investigation time and 90% increase in accuracy with AI/ML-powered fraud detection.


individual records were affected in cyber attacks between '18 and '22.


of the US population uses digital banking

Why your company
needs Digital

Let’s look at the most important benefits of digital acceleration to understand how digitally transforming your FinTech business can deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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Understand your customers’ needs better

You can use data analytics to improve your services in many ways. One of them is the ability to personalize services - as you gather detailed customer information, you can create tailored services and products that meet customers’ specific needs.

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Automate tedious tasks and operations with ML/AI

Bringing digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and automation improves data analytics and real-time reporting. They pave the way for more efficient business operations and streamlined business results.

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Make data-driven decisions to create a bespoke user experience

Incomplete, fragmented, or missing data may bias information and contribute to costly mistakes. Digital acceleration integrates data and enables you to automate reports and access the impacts of changes.

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Enhance the security

As the FinTech market evolves, so does the need for enhanced security and data protection. Digital acceleration helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by implementing better security measures and protecting sensitive customer data.

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Increase your efficiency and speed up your processes

Speeding up your processes with digital acceleration means you will be able to perform your tasks more effectively, which will have a positive impact on your budget.

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Gain greater flexibility and scalability

Introducing digital tools and technologies empowers businesses to respond more quickly to changes in the market. This results in a competitive advantage and leads to more scalability.

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Which new technology is the right pick for FinTech?

FinTech companies operate on big numbers of various types of data every day. Once you have the right tools and infrastructure to successfully manage such data you can easily:

The biggest challenge of the FinTech industry is the big amount of data

Our expertise allowed us to determine the key pain point of FinTech companies – large amount of data. STX Next can deliver a comprehensive solution that can handle the entire process from data extraction to visualization.

Document OCR and Data Understanding
We develop OCR solutions for financial documents and data extraction so that you can reduce your manual efforts and improve data accuracy. This means significant cost savings, getting valuable insights, and better decision-making.
Data Unification
We build data unification tools to provide you with the most comprehensive insights and unify data from different sources. We streamline your data into a unified view which helps you identify new opportunities for growth and make better-informed decisions. 
Data Quality & Data Integrity
We provide data quality checks, as well as data cleansing and compliance services. Data engineering supports you in identifying and fixing data quality issues quickly and reducing the risk of errors.
Real-Time Analytical Dashboards
We develop real-time analytical dashboards with customized data visualization and alerts. This allows you to improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, and make data-driven decisions.
Long-Term Data Storage
We create cloud-based data storage solutions with built-in security and compliance features. With such solutions, you can meet regulatory requirements, improve data accessibility, and reduce storage costs.

How FinTech sectors can benefit from collaborating with us?

Our FinTech offering encompasses a wide range of big and small companies that look for a way to capture and process their data. As technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud services and data engineering have become more accessible, organizations can rely on information for decision-making and, in consequence, become more agile, dynamic, and profitable.

Of course, as each business has unique requirements, we always build tailor-made intelligent solutions that allow our customers to scale their businesses.

Banking & Lending

We aid financial institutions in maintaining data integrity and reducing data inaccuracies by consolidating data for better decision-making and client insights. We help track loan approvals, credit risk indicators, and fraud patterns to optimize lending operations.


We develop tools for insurance companies that enable accurate claims processing and fraud detection. We also visualize claim trends, fraud patterns, and other key metrics in real-time to enhance decision-making.

Data Scraping & Compliance

Our solutions allow you to efficiently scrape large amounts of data as well as to ensure compliance to all regulatory requirements and cybersecurity.


We help companies enhance the quality of data to ensure accurate investment analysis and client reporting. Also, we unify data from various sources so that you can get a comprehensive view of investment opportunities.

Wealth Management

We help companies consolidate data from various sources to build a holistic view of clients’ financial portfolios. This makes it easier to provide timely advice and personalized recommendations.

Disruptive Blockchain/
Crypto Startups

We unify data to gain a comprehensive view of market trends and user behavior so that our customers can optimize platform performance and improve user experience.

How it works?

We provide end-to-end data engineering services that cover all aspects of data management. From consulting to infrastructure maintenance, we’ve got you covered. With our author solutions supported by Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, we deliver the necessary tools for processing, analyzing, and storing massive volumes of data.

Cooperation models

We offer three types of cooperation models so that you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

  • Team extension. Our data engineering experts partner with your in-house team whenever you need to scale up your project.
  • Project-based cooperation. We take charge of the entire product scope and development process. From development to deployment, we take care of the whole project.
  • Consulting and expertise. We provide you with know-how, guidelines, and approach that will best help you achieve your business goals.
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Collaboration with STX Next

Before you start collaborating with us, we organize a comprehensive workshop to get to know your business and your needs.

We run a complex analysis of your existing data infrastructure. Then, we come up with the best solution and, after it’s approved by you, start working on the design. Once the solution is designed and tested, we need your approval to start the development phase. Finally, we don’t forget about developing a long-term strategy so that you know you’re taken care of even when the solution is launched.

Other-tech industries

FinTech is not the only industry that utilizes new technologies to enhance productivity and streamline processes. No matter what sector your business is in, STX Next can deliver a bespoke solution customized to your requirements.


The real estate industry uses innovative technologies for property management, renting, and purchasing.
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The education sector uses technology to improve learning and teaching experience, making it more engaging and accessible.
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Use Cases

Having developed dozens of data engineering solutions for FinTech companies, not only did we gain industry know-how but also, we built an extensive portfolio of best practices. Here are some of the real-life examples where we have successfully applied our service.

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Man Group success story

We thrive on the success of our customers. Discover the story of Man Group, a well-known active investment management business, shared by one of our AI avatars.

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They’re very inquisitive engineers, plugged-in designers, and want to know your business in a genuine way. [...] The team took the time to get to know their partners and project requirements. They can be described as disciplined and experienced.

Gordon Coughlan

COO, Alpha Technology, Man Group

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