Many companies recognize the need to develop a mobile app, but not all of them consider the actual requirements they have for such an app.


Creating a native mobile app from scratch is not the only way. For a large number of projects, middle-of-the-road options such as Progressive Web Apps and hybrid mobile apps will be the optimal choice.


Consider your goals and how many functionalities of the mobile device you will need to use. Knowing those, you can decide on the best solution to implement your desired features.

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If you have an existing web app, you can take the fast route towards putting it on mobile users' home screens. Start attracting mobile users by creating a Progressive Web App.

Features include: pin to home screen, push notifications, work in the background, offline functionality.


Combining a native wrapper and elements of an existing web app, hybrid mobile apps are a great way to save time and money in the creation of your mobile app.

Hybrids are a versatile solution with one codebase supporting multiple platforms, created using frameworks such as Ionic, Cordova and React Native. They offer more features than a PWA while still being more cost-effective and easier to implement compared to native apps.


For the best compatibility and performance, you can invest in the creation of a native mobile app using Java for Android and Objective-C/Swift for iOS.

Benefits of native apps include direct access to device hardware and the ability to implement all of the UX guidelines of the mobile OS.


Undecided? We can advise you on your choice.

Get a mobile app you can be proud of while keeping your budget under control.

Standalone services

Start small to make big improvements in your software product.

Code review

Limited free offer. Find costly issues in your code and identify areas for improvement and optimization.

UX Audit

Limited free offer. Evaluate the overall user experience and usability of your existing product.

MVP app in 5 weeks

Fixed price offer. Turn your app idea into a functional MVP in just 5 weeks.


Simulate future functionality and design before development begins.

Discovery workshops

Dive deep into your product concept to establish everything you need to start development.

Solution architecture

Design a solution architecture to meet your goals for efficiency, cost and scalability.



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