Man Group invests across a diverse range of strategies and asset classes, with a mix of long-only and alternative strategies run on a discretionary and quantitative basis, across liquid and private markets.

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Ongoing since 2019
United Kingdom

About Man Group

Man Group is focused on delivering alpha and portfolio solutions for customers. The firm invests across a diverse range of strategies and asset classes, with a mix of long-only and alternative strategies run on a discretionary and quantitative basis, across liquid and private markets.

Technical challenges & business needs

Technical challenges
  • Keep the impact on our users' daily work at the lowest level possible
  • Build new tools that are user-oriented, with design practices and cohesive branding in mind, increase the expertise value of developed solutions, and create trust value in customers
  • Efficiently start each new project with a systematized buildup process that keeps the interface language consistent

Business needs

  • Search for an effective way to streamline the process of building up new solutions and improving the current ones
  • Increase specialists’ efficiency by removing information noise
  • Design unification consolidating interface solutions across all projects and keeping them unified at all branches


Team structure                                

The customer was looking for a frontend development team as they already had a solid backend team in-house and faced some hiring challenges. We needed to put together a team of experienced engineers that would build stable and trustworthy solutions and create a long-lasting relationship with the customer.

Cooperation that launched with one brand new project and a dedicated team, has evolved into multiple years of partnership.

Design support started covering not only end-to-end solutions but also already existing project improvements and more task-oriented initiatives.


Key features



Each application we’ve delivered had its unique set of features that allowed our customer to reach their business goals.

Data set aggregation

Man Group wanted to put the data and content first. With the “less interface” rule in mind, we streamlined data processing and analysis which helped us gain deeper insights and make better-informed decisions.

Risk and portfolio management

With an already standardized and maintained design system we were able to build a highly customizable set of widgets and dashboards for each specialist.

Funds drill down app

Putting user needs as the center of our work we created a dense but legible interface allowing us to gain instant insights into funds showcasing and performance. Overview of all info at once helped forecast future performance and identify new opportunities for growth.

Massive data on extra large screens

Visualizing data through interactive dashboards allowed us to monitor performance indicators and identify trends and anomalies that require further investigation. Working on massive data sets in a decision-making context requires a lot of operational space. Each project had a specific viewport from a big screen monitor to even larger data displays.



Throughout our collaboration with Man Group, we have been responsible for developing, maintaining, and supporting around 16 different applications built to help people invest smarter and more effectively.

Customer gains

As the customer already possessed an in-house backend team and needed the best frontend engineers to extend their team. Our highly experienced frontend development teams created a set of tools for portfolio managers, implemented an interactive data catalog and dashboards, and redesigned many internal applications. Thanks to our work, the customer gained:

  • A enhanced data discovery process thanks to a rich and interactive frontend allowing tracking, checking progress, and analyzing ongoing projects
  • A building tool for portfolio managers allowing filtering existing projects using predefined scenarios, predicting risks, resources involved in the project, financial parameters etc
  • Redesigned internal applications with real-time tables and graphs that can be viewed on a big screen
  • Dashboard for portfolio performance analysis with detailed insights
  • A unified UI across all applications and a toolkit that can support building and redesigning apps in the future
  • The ability to search databases and available resources

By direct cooperation between designers and engineers, and adapting research methods to already acquired end-users, we become partners, not distractors. We spread awareness and trust in design processes by being able to work with technical specialists and provide implementable and scalable interface solutions. Scalable and implemented, ready-to-use design system, accelerated conceptual work and implementation process.


Technologies used


  • React
  • Redux
  • TypeScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Pandas
  • Kubernetes
  • Flask


Can we help you the way we’ve helped Man Group?

Maybe you’re also looking to:

  • Enhance your discovery process
  • Redesign your internal application
  • Implement a complex dashboard with detailed insights and analysis
  • Build a unified UI for all applications

We can also leverage our skills and expertise in implementing Machine Learning and AI algorithms to boost your decision-making processes, automate tasks, and cut down costs.Ready to take the next step? Get in touch with our team.                                

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