Meetmba is a UK startup created by Matthew Brooke-Hitching, an MBA who noticed the need to improve communication and collaboration throughout the business school journey. The resulting online platform now connects almost 4,000 MBAs and Executive MBAs around the world.
April 2018 - April 2019
MBA-centered platform
for communication that is truly one-of-a-kind
over 4,000 users
from all around the world
United Kingdom

Project Details is an online networking and communication tool that’s been specifically designed for MBA admits, students, and alumni.

The platform provides an opportunity to tap into the openness and altruism of other MBAs from all business schools across the world.

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There was no appropriate tool that would allow MBA students and alumni to effectively communicate with each other. Existing networking platforms suffered from spammy ads while offering no way to easily track and discover new MBA connections. At the same time, existing group chat solutions were cumbersome because of chat member limits and inability to easily discover new group chats to join. No platform covered the “personal yet professional” nature of MBA connections.

The founder moved to Poland for a few months specifically for this project, and was looking for an onsite team that he could sit in the office with.There was a tight deadline for the MVP; it needed to be ready when the founder joined the MBA community so he could personally promote it among other MBAs.

We were able to scale up instantly, adding developers with the specific technical expertise that we needed and then rotating them out when the problem had been solved. At a much smaller firm that would have been very difficult. So far there hasn’t been any challenge that STX Next hasn’t been able to overcome.
Matthew Brooke-Hitching


STX Next delivered a full Scrum Team (3 people) with support from a PO, advised on the scope of the MVP and helped prioritize tasks. The STX Next team worked onsite in Pozna? with the founder in the same room, creating an optimal working environment.

The MVP allowed to gain 500 users in the first 3 months from launch. Today, lets you maintain contact with your MBA network, and make new connections around the world.

Its features include intuitive private and group chat, user profiles with deep privacy customization, and a global board for requests for help, all tailored specifically to the MBA experience.

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