You can’t have great software without extensive testing. It goes without saying that well-tested code will save you from frustrated end users, swamped tech support lines and 1-star app reviews.


Investing early in thorough testing also helps you save money. Detecting and fixing a code issue during development may take our professionals an hour - instead of costing you thousands of dollars spent on fixing a bug in live production.


Employing specialized manual and automatic testers not only improves the quality of your code, but also decreases your development costs. With professional testers on board, the developers don’t need to spend precious work hours on repetitive testing tasks.

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We first started employing testers for our projects in 2008 - long before it became the industry standard it is today. In fact, our first tester had only one task: to act as a 'test user' for one of our banking projects.

The results of adding a tester were immediate. The developers gained much more time that they could use providing their core value - creating new code. The Product Manager also realized that they don’t have to spend hours trying out new features. That part of the job was already covered.

By adding a tester, work proceeded at a much faster pace while the software remained solid and reliable. Since then, testers have become an integral part of our development teams.


Each of our projects receives manual testing support by default. We employ manual testing from the first day of the project and each team has at least one manual tester.

Why should you hire manual testers? Because they can relieve the developers of repetitive testing tasks - at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, all of our testers fit a strict competence profile that describes their soft and technical skills. Knowledge of testing environments, CI tools, bug tracking tools and Agile development are all standard.



We provide end-to-end automated application testing. We employ specialized, experienced automated testers to safeguard the software quality on every level. 

Hiring automated testers is all about optimizing your development budget even further. Instead of testing the code by hand, repetitive tasks can be taken over by automated tests running around the clock with no risk of human error. This drastically reduces the need for manual testing, leaving more of your investment to go towards effective application development.

Our automated testing tech stack includes: Git, GitHub, Celery, Selenium, TestRail, Behave, Seerene, SonarQube, Protractor and more.


In addition to the work of testers, our developers create unit tests as they work on new features. Unit tests focus on testing the smallest possible unit of code, such as a single class or function. Creating unit tests requires detailed and extensive knowledge about the particular piece software for which the test is built. 

By combining the work of testers and additional unit tests written by developers, we can minimize the development-to-market cycle while maintaining a world-class level of code quality.


Creating a test is a wasted effort if the code it’s meant for no longer exists. This may seem obvious, but it’s a common problem in rapid software development. Developers may at times be modifying the code so quickly that the tester is examining obsolete code without even knowing about it.

To prevent such issues, we make our testers a core part of each development team. Our testers begin work on quality assurance as soon as the feature passes the initial code review, minimizing the time it takes to identify bugs and potential issues.


We offer a comprehensive package of testing services to fit all of your quality assurance needs. Those include:

Black box testing: regression testing, non-functional testing, functional-testing.

White box testing: stress testing, performance testing, testing for memory leaks, penetration testing, mutation testing.

End-to-end testing: comprehensive testing services combining both of the above.

Standalone services

Start small to make big improvements in your software product.


Simulate future functionality and design before development begins.

Discovery workshops

Dive deep into your product concept to establish everything you need to start development.

Solution architecture

Design a solution architecture to meet your goals for efficiency, cost and scalability.


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