STX Next targets AI-powered expansion in 2024

February 14, 2024
June 7, 2024

Custom AI solutions, AI consulting services and the appointment of a new head of AI are all driving STX Next’s strategic pivot to an AI-centric culture

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STX Next is the largest software house in Europe specialising in designing and creating digital solutions in the Python programming language. The company has been operating since 2005 and cooperates with over 500 people through eight offices in Poland. STX's clients include leading international corporations, small and medium enterprises and the most innovative start-ups from around the world.
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STX Next, a global leader in IT consulting, has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technology by placing AI at the forefront of all of its offerings. The move increases the adaptability and resilience of STX Next’s services, while positioning the company at the cutting edge of the technology sector. 

This is a continuation of STX Next’s transition to company-wide AI adoption, following the appointment of Bartek Roszak as Head of AI and the announcement of a partnership with Squirro, the generative AI-powered enterprise search and insights cloud provider, last year.

Commenting on the decision to focus on AI, Łukasz Koczwara, COO at STX Next, said: “STX Next’s rich history and reputation as a Python powerhouse has laid the foundation for our AI transition, and underscores the company’s philosophy of placing itself at the centre of global innovation and technological growth.

“As part of our new strategy, we are offering AI solutions and consulting services to all our customers, tailoring every recommendation to align with each client’s progress on their digital journey. We’re also intent on delivering balanced and ethical AI deployment, marrying mature AI services that bring instant returns with generative AI technologies that yield rewards further down the line.

“STX Next has invested heavily to ensure that we capitalise on the growth of AI, most notably through the appointment of Bartek Roszak. As a result, we now offer AI consulting services to a range of key sectors, including healthcare, fintech, logistics, e-commerce and edtech.

“Partnering with Squirro was integral in enhancing the level of service we’re able to offer our clients, as Squirro delivers insights that increase the quality, speed and efficiency of AI development within our business. We’re running further initiatives in 2024 aimed at educating our customers about the many benefits of AI, such as the launch of our AI academy and a new AI webinar series.”

Koczwara concluded: “Over the next twelve months, STX Next plans to establish itself as a leader in AI-driven innovation and digital transformation. Through sustainable growth, a host of customer success stories and breakthrough AI achievements, we hope to offer the most advanced standard of service possible for clients across all sectors.”

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