STX Next partners with Seerene to enhance software development and engineering delivery

December 4, 2023
June 7, 2024

The partnership will strengthen STX Next’s offering with the support of AI-enabled software development process analytics.

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STX Next is the largest software house in Europe specialising in designing and creating digital solutions in the Python programming language. The company has been operating since 2005 and cooperates with over 500 people through eight offices in Poland. STX's clients include leading international corporations, small and medium enterprises and the most innovative start-ups from around the world.
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STX Next, a prominent IT services and consulting company, has announced a new partnership with Seerene, the first integrated software development process mining platform for the end-to-end management of software systems.

The partnership underscores STX Next’s commitment to offering exceptional digital services to its customers on a global scale. The partnership will allow STX Next to further increase the complexity and scope of its offering, accessing insights to enable higher levels of quality, speed and efficiency in software development within businesses.

Based in Potsdam, Germany, Seerene's software analytics platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide actionable insights into software development processes for teams to enhance performance. The analytics platform incorporates all phases of the software development and delivery process, integrating all available data from tools, methods, and metrics into Seerene’s Digital Boardroom.

Seerene originated from the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) and is built on more than 15 years of academic research into how data on software development processes can be analysed, visualised, and understood. Dr. Johannes Bohnet, co-founder and CEO of Seerene, led a research group at the HPI that investigated the concepts and techniques of software maps as a starting point for visual software analytics that now forms an integral part of Seerene’s offering.

Commenting on the partnership, Bohnet said: “STX Next boasts a rich and established history of software excellence, demonstrating a proven track record over the years. Our new collaboration with STX Next not only solidifies this tradition but also ensures customers a heightened standard of quality software. This partnership is founded on principles of transparency, offering a comprehensive view into the intricacies of software development processes and existing code bases. Aligned in our objectives and fueled by a mutual commitment to excellence, the synergy between Seerene and STX Next promises to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

Ronald Binkofski, CEO at STX Next said: “Seerene’s expertise and offering will be invaluable to our teams and customers, and no doubt enhance the services that we can deliver for our clients. We’re committed to improving and maintaining our exceptional standards and the additional insights offered by Seerene’s capabilities are crucial to achieving that aim.

“We’re thrilled to announce this partnership, which aligns well with our own objectives and emphasis on collaboration with like-minded organisations. As a company we are champions of technology’s potential to transform businesses, and we look forward to leveraging the Seerene platform’s capabilities in our work with customers.”

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