VetMedux is a veterinary media company dedicated to helping the animal health care industry with research and reference resources. Based in the USA, they provide professional content, clinical articles, and educational materials to more than 259,000 veterinarians and veterinary students worldwide.
Content rights acquired
ongoing since May 2020
32,000+ subscribers
to Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs platform
Pro version of Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs
launched in December 2021
United States

Project Details

In 2018, VetMedux acquired the content rights to Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs—a reference guide that has been widely used by veterinarians since it was first published in 1991.

Expanding on the legacy created by Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook, VetMedux wanted to provide an original and unique product that would revolutionize the American health care industry.

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From a business perspective, VetMedux’s main challenge was to stand out in a very competitive market. They wanted to provide a platform that offered support to veterinary professionals and could be trusted as a reliable resource.

We were brought on board to provide an improved version of the existing Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs product, which was not as stable as required. There were some reliability issues and difficulties updating content.

VetMedux also wanted to work with us on Plumb’s Pro—an expanded version of the original Plumb’s platform that would offer more functionalities to Pro subscribers.

It’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I feel like your team has absolutely done the work to understand our problem, our audience, and what we’re trying to do—and really leveraged the skill sets on your team in order to make that happen.
Dr. Amy Mohl
Chief Medical Oficer, VetMedux


We held Discovery Workshops to understand the full scope of the project and create a rough backlog. Replacing the legacy app’s existing code with new code meant that our developers could follow best practices, speed up development, and ensure high-quality code.

The product, which is a serverless application, was built using AWS (Amazon Web Services) and the whole infrastructure was kept in code. On the backend, the Amazon ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service) API had been configured to ensure autoscaling.

Our Product Design Team improved the UX/UI by making the flow and structure smoother and more intuitive. Replacing the basic search function (with no tips) to Elasticsearch also improved the user experience. Amazon CloudWatch monitors everything in our infrastructure that happens in the application. A 24/7 DevOps on-call service has ensured the smooth running of the website and app.

Plumb’s Pro launched in December 2021. VetMedux continues to advance resources available to veterinarians with innovative new tools, such as the industry’s first drug interaction checker to focus solely on animals.

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