Tiqets is an innovative platform for booking tickets to museums and attractions around the world. Its stated mission is to make culture more accessible to everyone by offering instant, last-minute, paper-free mobile tickets to both top attractions and hidden gems. Since it was founded in 2014, the company has sold over 10 million tickets to more than 2000 venues in 60+ countries. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Tiqets employs over 200 people and has offices in various locations globally. It’s raised €54 million in a recent funding round led by Airbnb.
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ongoing since September 2019
10 million tickets
sold to more than 2000 venues in 60+ countries
€54 million raised
in the recent funding round led by Airbnb

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To be able to operate, Tiqets needs to be integrated with every single venue and attraction it sells tickets to. It does it in two ways, either by adapting to the vendors’ API, or requiring them to integrate with its own API.

The former is a complex task given the sheer number of museums and attractions that use the platform. The latter requires the creation of a universal API that vendors can easily integrate with. On top of ensuring compatibility between Tiqets and the vendors, the company tasked STX Next with devising a set of tools to assist its in-house staff with content creation.

STX Next Delivered

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The main challenge was to find ways to integrate the platform with as many ticket providers as possible so that users would no longer need to register with each of them individually while planning their trip.

Since there are scores of new venues and attractions opening daily, keeping up with them and making sure the right integration systems were in place was of key importance.

As the platform’s main functionality is based on full integration with vendors, the project also required 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

The STX Next team has proven itself to be a solid and reliable partner in software development for the Tiqets platform. Although Tiqets’ main development team is located in the Amsterdam office, having dedicated development teams in Poland gives the company the flexibility it requires in the rapidly growing market that Tiqets operates in.
Sietse van der Laan
Tech Team Manager


We were able to meet the client’s expectations by moving from a monolithic system to a microservice-based architecture, which was able to make direct contact with ticket suppliers via a variety of APIs.

To make sure that the platform was fully integrated with vendors at all times with no disruptions, we also delivered round-the-clock, real-time monitoring services. They allowed us to have a full picture of the integrations at any given moment and step in to fix any issues before they escalated. Where vendors didn’t provide any API for us to integrate with, we created web crawlers that went through their pages to purchase tickets.

Given the developing nature of the platform, we were required to respond to a variety of tasks and needs as they arose. Providing a dedicated team that delivered full and ongoing technical support to Tiqets helped us make sure there was never any issue left unresolved.


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