Sendcloud is an award-winning shipping solution provider for online stores that has earned recognition as the market leader in Europe. With a mission to optimize shipping processes and help businesses grow, Sendcloud enables online stores to streamline.
Funding from HPE Growth
Ongoing since April 2020
$200+ million in funding
from top investors like SoftBank Vision Fund
Access to over 400,000 service points
for 23,000 customers across Europe

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Sendcloud’s user-friendly platform provides businesses with efficient means of managing their shipping labels, tracking packages, and offering real-time delivery updates. Their deep integrations with over 25 popular ecommerce systems and marketplaces—including Lightspeed, Magento, Shopify, and Amazon—allow e-shops to ship with ease, speed, and comfort.

STX Next Delivered

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Sendcloud approached STX Next with a critical challenge: they needed to integrate new carriers and expand the capabilities of existing ones within their ecommerce shipping platform. Their internal team sought to supplement their capacity to deliver the task within the required timeframe. Recognizing the importance of this integration, we offered our assistance in finding a solution.

STX Next has become our trusty partner in the early stages of a multi-year project of transforming a large part of our application into a fleet of microservices. This project has been completed, but we’re happy to retain our partnership. Over the years of our cooperation, we have been most pleased with the consistency and expertise of STX Next’s people. To add to that, we have been constantly surprised by how easy it is to do business with STX Next, even through more difficult conversations.
Evgeny Sharypin
Engineering Manager of Carrierland, Sendcloud


To overcome this challenge, STX Next expanded an innovative solution that involved integrating carrier microservices individually through a REST API and developing new microservices while maintaining the existing monolith. 

This involved creating proof-of-concept (PoC) solutions for carrier APIs, supporting self-integrating carriers, as well as developing testing tools for the new integrations that automate and speed up the whole process. In addition to these core tasks, STX Next’s team played a critical role in creating documentation and improving programming standards for Sendcloud’s entire organization, ensuring that the platform operated effectively. 

Our solution enabled the client to add new carriers to their portfolio quickly and efficiently, improving the quality and expanding the range of their services. By partnering with STX Next, Sendcloud was able to significantly reduce their time-to-market and offer better and more comprehensive services to their customers.

OpenAPI 3
Rest API

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