Procsea is the first online B2B fish and seafood marketplace. It simplifies and optimizes seafood purchases by putting buyers in direct contact with fishermen, suppliers, and fish merchants across Europe. Procsea has revolutionized the previously overly complex maritime industry by removing the need for intermediaries and promoting short supply chains. The platform’s innovative approach, which focuses on sustainable and traceable fishing, is free to use for both buyers and sellers.
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January 2019 - January 2020
€6.5 million raised
in a funding round led by Serena Capital

Project Details

Procsea was looking to give an overall upgrade to its fish-selling platform to make it more efficient and user-friendly.

To achieve this objective, the company needed to migrate its website to the latest version of Python, make improvements to the code, integrate with a new CRM, and fix some of its databases.

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To expand the selling platform and add new features, Procsea required developers with expert knowledge of Python. However, since the company was unable to find staff with the right skillset locally, it decided to look for a team extension.

Given the fast pace of development, Procsea expected full availability from the external developers. The firm also wanted to make sure that it was able to scale the team at short notice to respond to fluctuating workloads.

What I admire most about Procsea is their ability to listen to clients’ needs. With every iteration, we were responding to those needs with well-thought-out solutions. What's more, our collaboration with Procsea was one of technological partners and not just an outsourced company. As a result, the whole team was happy to recommend the most appropriate tools, methodologies, and functionalities.
Jakub Kolaczkowski
Python Developer
STX Next


We were able to respond to Procsea’s staffing needs by providing two full-time Python developers and an automatic tester who were available exclusively to the client.

To optimize the company’s selling platform, we introduced a set of best practices, including refactoring methodologies and an enhanced code review workflow. We also found more adequate solutions for model translations to improve the performance of database queries, and introduced type annotations in the codebase coupled with a static analyzer configured according to the best practices.

Since Procsea was looking to migrate to the latest version of Python, our team prepared a custom-made document detailing the steps necessary to complete the upgrade.

Finally, our tester designed and introduced an end-to-end testing suite which improved efficiency and drove savings.


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