Granicus (Firmstep before acquisition) is a leading provider of tools for local governments to accelerate their channel shift. Their product portfolio includes a self-service portal for citizens, a user-friendly tool for creating custom-made online forms, and integrated solutions that support both front-desk and back-office employees. Granicus integrates websites, online services, digital communications, and other features to provide equal access to essential services and information. With this platform, local governments can streamline their workflows, optimize their operations, and provide top-quality services to their citizens.
Authorized by FedRAMP
Ongoing since September 2018
Replaced a legacy workflow solution
used daily by 150+ UK councils
£250,000 in annual savings
for Durham County Council

Project Details

Before their acquisition by Granicus, Firmstep worked on multiple projects with various suppliers. To consolidate their development efforts, they partnered with STX Next. Following the handover, we supported their existing PHP platform and created a new back-office workflow tool. We also improved the performance of their customer-facing portal and ensured WCAG and GDPR compliance.

In addition to the existing projects, we worked closely on new initiatives, such as Amazon Alexa integration, an OAuth SSO mechanism, a mobile app for citizens, and a BI reporting solution. Our end-to-end support ensured seamless execution and high-quality project delivery.

STX Next Delivered

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Granicus approached STX Next with a monolithic PHP platform that had been in development for over a decade. However, the platform became increasingly difficult to maintain and had stability issues, which hindered Granicus’ ability to respond to client needs quickly.

To overcome these challenges, the company needed a reliable technological partner to help transition to Python and a microservices/serverless architecture, as they lacked in-house expertise in these technologies.

Thanks to our extensive experience and our geographically distributed teams (over 40 people in three locations), we were able to build a trust-based relationship with the client. As a result, Granicus entrusted us with choosing the tech stack, which had a significant impact on the product development process. Additionally, we designed and implemented a serverless architecture and a reliable deployment system based on AWS technology.
Maciej Sobolewski
Python Developer, STX Next


To assist Granicus, STX Next assembled an experienced team of full-stack developers, supported by a Product Owner and a Scrum Master. Engaging an entire team of experts allowed us to understand Granicus’ requirements and suggest optimal solutions to achieve their goals.

As their needs grew, we were able to scale up to multiple teams totaling almost 40 people, providing not only development, product, and process management support, but also UI and UX design, mobile development, and DevOps services.

Python 3.6
React Native

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