Eventgenius is an end-to-end live events tech company. Their innovative booking platform focuses on communities of live music fans and festival-goers. Users can plan and buy complete packages to festivals and live events around the world—tickets, travel, accommodation, and add-ons can all be booked at the same time from just one platform. Eventgenius is dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences for fans and promoters alike.
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Eventgenius works with over 4,500 official partners, including some of the world’s most famous music festivals. Users can purchase general admission and VIP tickets to see some of the biggest names in music and attend other live events like comedy or food-and-drink festivals.

Customers can easily use the platform to create the festival package they want by choosing from specifically selected hotels, reliable transfer services, and more. Eventgenius have the most complete ticketing and event technology platform for live events.

Although Eventgenius specializes in festivals, they’re branching out into other live experiences including indoor seated events.

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The focus of this project was to launch a customer-facing platform with venue seating maps and modifiable event pages.

As Eventgenius expanded into reserved seating events, it was necessary to give users a venue seating map. There are two ways that customers can use the venue seating map: either by selecting the best seat available (seats closest to the stage or with the best view available) or by choosing seats manually from all available.

Eventgenius also wanted to allow event organizers to build event pages themselves. Suppliers can prepare the layout, then select and modify the venue seating map depending on the event.

Since the beginning, our cooperation has involved mutual trust and a strong commitment on both sides. Today we work on turning this trust and cooperation into a more harmonious product ownership, which leads to building real value for the users.
Marcin Romańczuk
Product Owner, STX Next


Together with the client, we outlined and defined the product from the user’s perspective; creating a product backlog. We established how the platform should work while considering their existing systems.

JavaScript was chosen for the frontend and Python on the backend. Coding with these languages ensures the platform is secure and contains as few bugs as possible. Both JavaScript and Python offer a wide range of libraries and frameworks to work with. We used Django and React on this product, which shortened time-to-delivery and reduced development costs.

Django is a Python framework with a reputation for versatility. It was used to give this product a solid yet scalable foundation. React, a JavaScript library of user interfaces, was used to create interactive UIs.

To guarantee reliability and stability, we opted to use Sentry—monitoring and error reporting software that tracks performance issues across different platforms.


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