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DIGIT Game Studios is the largest game developer in Ireland, founded in 2012. With their vastly talented team of over 70 people, DIGIT makes free-to-play mobile strategy games. Released in 2014, the studio’s first game, Kings of the Realm, became a worldwide hit and the highest-grossing strategy game in over 50 countries. DIGIT followed up on their successful debut in 2018 with the release of Star Trek Fleet Command.
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July 2018 - January 2019
over $100 million
lifetime revenue in 8 months
over 1.5 billion
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STX Next supported DIGIT Game Studios in the final phases of getting ready for the worldwide launch of the free-to-play strategy mobile game set in the marvelous world of one of pop culture’s largest and greatest phenomena: Star Trek.

Star Trek Fleet Command is one of the biggest strategy games on mobile. Getting into the skin of a bone fide fleet commander, you assemble a crew, forge alliances, and set out on an epic adventure to rule over the galaxy with your armada. The game allows you to pick a side in the galactic war and fight arm in arm with the Federation, Klingons, or Romulans. Alternatively, you can be your own man or woman and walk a path of your choosing in the power struggle for galactic conquest. The choice is yours.

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DIGIT Game Studios came to us for support in finalizing the mobile game they were building with Python on the server-side. At the time, development was already well underway and in the late stages. In order to deliver the product in time and of the highest possible quality, DIGIT decided they could use an extra pair of hands to help them out.

Working with DIGIT Game Studios on Star Trek Fleet Command was an extraordinary experience, because it gave me a chance to combine my passion for gaming with my daily job as a Python developer. The late stages of game development are always the hardest, but what’s important to remember is that games are all about fun—both for the players and the creators. And I had a lot of fun working with DIGIT.
Lukasz Jagodzinski
Full-Stack Developer
STX Next


An extra pair of hands was just what we provided. We helped improve the game’s performance by adding features to various tools. We also created solutions in Python for other teams that worked on Star Trek Fleet Command.


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