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Exciting ideas are a dime a dozen. 
Proving that your idea has a real chance to succeed is the true challenge.

That’s where your MVP app comes in.


  • 3-day discovery workshops to create a product vision, story map and establish the MVP scope
  • A complete validation process to help you measure the success of your MVP
  • Designs for everything you need to build your MVP app: wireframes, mockups
  • A product backlog for the first 3 sprints of development
  • Consulting and feedback from experienced Product Owners, UX Designers and Developers
  • Support for all technical elements of software development
  • An instance of your MVP app running on our infrastructure
  • Source code of your MVP to develop further
  • A free estimate of the cost of further development


  1. Fill out our survey

    Tell us about yourself and your goals for the MVP. We respect your time - the survey is short and concise.

  2. Get on the waiting list

    We will choose MVP projects to work on based on the availability of our developers. You’ll hear from us once it’s your turn.

  3. Schedule the Discovery workshops

    We will set a date to meet for a Discovery workshop and create a clear vision and scope for the MVP.

  4. Design and develop your MVP

    Working together and refining the concept along the way, we will take your MVP app from idea to deployment in just 5 weeks.

  5. Deploy your MVP app

    Give your MVP app a spin on our infrastructure. Show it off to potential customers, partners and investors. Take the source code and continue developing new features.


Discover the value of your app idea

An MVP is a great way to see if your app idea makes sense. Not only will you be able to present your MVP on the market and get initial impressions, but even before that happens you can consult the experts at STX Next on the viability of your app.

Your MVP may also secure you further rounds of funding. You can use it as a product showcase to present to future partners. Bolstered by the real-life data gathered during MVP testing, you can increase your chances of receiving funding for further development from angel investors and VCs.

No hassle, no fuss

Instead of wasting time on setting up your own development process for an unsure app idea, enlist a software company with 12 years of experience to do it for you, lightning fast, with no technical knowledge needed on your side.

By making use of our fixed price offer, you can be sure that you’ll get a concrete result within the specified budget. This lets you avoid the risk of extending development - and overextending your budget - on an app that might not take off.


COST: 10 000€

Fixed price offer, no additional fees included.