Once the code has been created and tested, it's time to deploy it to production. A reliable deployment process can mean the difference between smooth sailing and catastrophic failure.


We aim to support your deployment every step of the way via our DevOps services. By involving our developers with the work of IT operations and automating the deployment process, we can ensure that the code makes it to production safe and sound, and works flawlessly.


Our offer includes: Continuous Integration services using Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI and Codeship; Automatic Deployment services using Docker, Salt, Puppet and Ansible; and environment installation and configuration along with maintenance and 24/7 monitoring for cloud-based services using using AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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Our Continuous Integration systems ensure that whenever developers push code into the source repository, we automatically test the code quality and style to verify the merge.

Using tools such as JenkinsTravis, CircleCI and Codeship we can check for changes between the code repository and the build server every few minutes. Once changes are detected, the tool can send them to the build server for Automatic Deployment.

The result is a code integration process that’s both faster and more reliable.


Our Automatic Deployment process starts with Docker, allowing us to package the application with all of the dependencies it needs. Docker containers can then be deployed to the server as an alternative to cumbersome virtual machines. The containers can also be used by developers to set up their work environment much faster.

With Docker, you can launch a new copy of your live production environment within minutes, e.g. to handle growing traffic to your site.

Whenever new Docker containers need to be deployed, Automatic Deployment tools such as Salt, Puppet, and Ansible are used to install and set up the containers at the push of a button. No hassle, no risk of human error.


We can set up server environments whether on-premise or cloud-based using AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We can also configure and optimize your servers for optimal load balancing, laying the groundwork for automatic deployment.


After designing and implementing your new environment, you will likely need to monitor it so that your service can serve you and your users without any costly interruptions. Our monitoring service includes full 24/7 support of your infrastructure.

We can select the appropriate monitoring tools for you ranging from those offered by cloud service suppliers (e.g. AWS Cloudwatch, Google Cloud Platform Stackdriver Monitoring, Azure Monitor) to third-party solutions such as Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, Sensu, Icinga/Icinga2. We will also implement the tools to fit your infrastructure, and support and monitor the infrastructure in shifts.


We have over 14 years of market experience and 250+ projects under our belt. Whatever your challenges, we can find a DevOps setup that will provide you the best performance and stability.

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