1. Vimcar

Vimcar logo

Berlin-based Vimcar provides an easy-to-use fleet management platform that gives its clients a 360-degree overview of their fleet at any given moment. It allows users to track vehicles in real time, identify problems as they arise, and improve daily operations.

With almost 200,000 recorded trips and 100,000 monitored vehicles, the company knows how to significantly reduce fleet costs, curb vehicle misuse, and improve internal efficiency.

With its Driving Style Analysis, Vimcar identifies risky driver behavior to help reduce accident rates and insurance costs.

Its flagship product Fleet Geo is an award-winning fleet tracking software that provides the most accurate fleet tracking on the market.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Vimcar: Dominik Bruh, CTO.

2. eyeo

Eyeo logo

Eyeo believes that publishers monetizing their content and users having control of their internet experience are not mutually exclusive.

Even though users are overwhelmed by irrelevant and intrusive ads such as pop-ups and flashing banners the moment they start browsing, there can be a balance between their interests and those of advertisers.

Thanks to its innovative technology, eyeo provides solutions that offer valuable monetization options while always keeping user experience at heart.

The company’s Adblock Plus is a desktop browser add-on that improves users’ online experience by blocking certain ads while allowing others. The free and open-source tool disables tracking, helps keep data and devices safe, and ensures more enjoyable browsing.

Who to follow to stay in touch with eyeo: Jutta Horstmann, CTO/COO/Managing Director.

3. Sastrify

Sastrify logo

Worried about overspending on your SaaS subscriptions? Sastrify, a Cologne-based SaaS procurement service, helps its users optimize the cost and management of their tools.

By assessing actual usage and comparing activity to purchased licenses, the company provides clients with a comprehensive view of their needs vs. spending. It then gets rid of underutilized licenses, recommends new tools based on their preferences, and negotiates the rates with suppliers.

On average, Sastrify saves its clients 20+ hours per month and doubles their ROI with a minimal time investment from their side.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Sastrify: Maximilian Messing, Co-Founder & CTO.

4. ryd

Ryd logo

With a strong focus on driver experience, ryd is a fast-growing IoT startup that provides a mobile payment platform to be used at gas stations.

Using the tool, drivers can pay in-app right at the gas pump, saving their time and keeping social distance. The app will also show them the cheapest gas stations in the area.

As part of its multi-brand ecosystem, ryd has partnered with companies such as Mastercard, AXA, and PayPal, and it keeps expanding its network of gas stations, insurance providers, and car service shops.

The tool is currently available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company is currently planning a wider European rollout.

Who to follow to stay in touch with ryd: Jens Fischer, CTO.

5. Contentful

Contentful logo

Contentful is an innovative and easy-to-use content platform that helps digital teams assemble content and deliver experiences faster than many other CMS tools.

Purpose-built for creating omnichannel experiences, Contentful makes it easy for teams to integrate with hundreds of modern tools, publish across multiple channels, and go to market fast.

With Contentful, users have a single hub to unify all their content, can adjust it so it can be used on any channel, and scale whenever necessary.

The platform has supported giants such as IKEA, Vodafone, and 30% of the Fortune 500 to deliver their content to the world.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Contentful: Paolo Negri, Co-Founder & CTO.

6. Userlane

Userlane logo

Userlane helps companies guide and support their users as they navigate through software, allowing them to make any software or process easy to understand.

By delivering the right information to the right people, the tool is a great way to improve user experience. It allows users to go through each task and process at their own pace and offers contextual support thanks to its proactive and intuitive prompts and guides.

As a result, the tool reduces support tickets and outperforms conventional training and support methods, such as manuals and videos.

It can also run on any browser-based application and follows strict security and compliance standards.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Userlane: Felix Eichler, CTO & Co-Founder.

7. Enpal GmbH

Enpal logo

Getting solar panels installed is often seen as complicated, costly, and time-consuming. Recognizing this challenge, Enpal decided to offer its clients the option to rent solar panels, also throwing in an insurance and maintenance package for up to 20 years.

With a promise of breaking free of electricity suppliers and reducing bills, Enpal helps its customers through the entire process, from estimation to installation.

The company boasts having completed several thousand projects since it was founded in 2008.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Enpal GmbH: Mario Kohle, Founder.

8. Pitch

Pitch logo

Pitch offers presentation software that allows teams to easily create and distribute modern and stunning presentations.

From pitch decks to project plans, the platform gives its users the space to collaborate on the creation of documents while hosting live meetings and editing together in real time.

Presentations created with Pitch can be brought to life with embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom, or the user’s own. They can also incorporate data from tools such as Google Analytics and Google Sheets.

The platform comes with a host of handy features, including intuitive editing options, smart formatting, and integrations with top stock photo libraries. While it provides plenty of space for users to get creative, it prevents them from straying from their company’s approved brand style.

The company was launched in 2018 by a team of eight co-founders and it’s headquartered in Berlin.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Pitch: Adam Renklint, Co-Founder & CTO.

9. sennder

Sennder logo

Sennder is a digital road freight logistics company. Headquartered in Berlin with offices around Europe, the company is the continent’s leading forwarder offering its shippers access to its connected fleet of thousands of trucks.

Sennder bypasses middlemen while connecting shippers and carriers. As a result, they’re able to offer attractive conditions to both.

What sets sennder apart from their competition is, among other factors, their proprietary technology that helps drive innovation in the industry through digitalization and automation, their unique tracking solution, and the reach of their international ecosystem.

Who to follow to stay in touch with sennder: Greig McEwan, CTO.

10. PPRO

PPRO logo

As a provider of local payments infrastructure, PPRO integrates payment methods so companies can focus on their core business instead.

PPRO’s solutions are leveraged by giants such as Citi, PayPal, and Worldpay to boost their sales in global ecommerce markets. PPRO allows their clients to globalize their payment platforms, accept alternative payments, and accelerate their growth as a result.

With ten global offices from Berlin to Singapore, the company employs over 430 people.

Who to follow to stay in touch with PPRO: Bernie Miles, CTO.

11. Raisin DS

Raisin logo

Raisin DS GmbH, formed by a merger of the fintech companies Deposit Solutions and Raisin in June 2021, is the first and only pan-European marketplace for both savers and banks.

Operating in over 30 countries, they provide their clients with exclusive savings products from all over the continent. Raisin DS works with 120 partner banks and services over half a million direct customers.

Raisin DS operates their own B2C platforms across Europe and the UK under the Raisin, WeltSparen, Savedo, and ZINSPILOT brands. In the US, it’s known as SaveBetter.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Raisin DS: Dragomir Prodanov, CTO.

12. Solarisbank AG

Solarisbank logo

Solarisbank is a Berlin-based fintech that offers a Banking-as-a-Service platform to help its clients build their own banking products with a high degree of flexibility and a fast time-to-market.

With a German banking license and a straightforward API, it allows clients to integrate their fully digital banking services to their product while shouldering the regulatory complexities.

Through its modern RESTful APIs, which can be mixed to suit specific needs, Solarisbank offers access to modular services such as payments and e-money, lending, digital banking, and services offered by integrated third-party providers.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Solarisbank AG: Hima Mandali, CTO.

13. Taxfix

Taxfix logo

With over 5 million downloads, Taxfix is Germany’s most popular tax app. It simplifies the complex task of filing taxes by offering a chat-like interface that asks the user easy-to-understand questions in a guided process.

With Taxfix, users don’t need to know the ins and outs of the tax declaration or the complex jargon. The app allows them to simply upload any necessary documents by taking a picture of them, then automatically extracts the requested information.

The user data is transferred using a secure encryption technology to the Taxfix servers, followed by the tax office.

Who to follow to stay in touch with Taxfix: Alexander De Leon Battista, Chief Software Architect.

Final thoughts on the leading companies driving innovation in Germany

From tax returns to solar panels, there’s always room for innovation for those who think forward. We hope you can draw some inspiration from these German companies’ progressive ideas.

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