What Is DevOps? An Introduction for Development Managers

6 min read

Business, DevOps

You may have heard the term “DevOps” around the web, especially if you’re managing software projects.

But what is DevOps, really? What value does it bring? Should you add a dedicated DevOps Engineer to your project?

It might be the smart choice, because a DevOps Engineer will:

  1. prepare environments and toolchains for your developers;
  2. allow rapid automated code deployment for faster programming and testing;
  3. keep your server cloud infrastructure healthy and cost-effective.

However, the benefits and intricacies of DevOps don’t end there. Read on to learn more.

STX Next Featured as Global Leader, Makes the Clutch 1000

3 min read


Each year, Clutch recognizes standout companies across multiple industries on their annual Global Leaders list. The list features top businesses that have excelled on their respective platforms.

In 2018, Clutch unveiled a new and exclusive honor: the Clutch 1000. Companies on Clutch with the highest “ability to deliver” scores were featured on this list.

We are proud to announce that STX Next was picked as one of the leading firms.


STX Next

Python Powerhouse

React Native vs. Ionic: A Comparison of Pros and Cons

16 min read

Business, JS

Many of the “X vs. Y” articles we post on our blog, like Python vs. Node.js or Python vs. Java, don’t have a clear winner in the strict sense of the word.

However, in the case of React Native vs. Ionic, we’re not comparing apples and oranges. As far as mobile app development goes, the winner is quite clear and it is React Native.

Read on to learn:

  • the basic theory of mobile app development,
  • what React Native and Ionic are,
  • how they compare in terms of performance,
  • the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Bartosz Klukaczewski

React Native Expert


Adam Stempniak

Content Writer

Python vs. Java: Pros, Cons, and Use Cases—A Comparison

10 min read

Business, Python

Quality vs. time. Time vs. cost. Cost vs. quality.

These concerns play a key role in choosing the programming language for your project, which is one of the first major decisions you have to make.

As a Python software house, we are intimately familiar with the challenge of contrasting Python with other languages:

Python vs. Golang. Python vs. Node.js. Python vs. Java.

In this article, we’ll focus on the last one.


Janusz Kina

Full-Stack Developer


Adam Stempniak

Content Writer

Designing User Interfaces and UX for Localization

5 min read

Business, Product Design

One of the most important things you have to consider when conceptualizing user interfaces is whether or not these interfaces are future-proof.

Your designs should be able to serve today’s user base as well as tomorrow’s.

How long do you want your project to be used for?

Express the answer to this question in the design.


Rilind Elezaj

Digital Marketing Specialist