The quickest way to increase software development capacity and tap into top tech talent.


We offer a safe,  fully scalable solution that helps you launch a new product faster, maximize ROI of existing software projects and gain competitive advantage through technology. 


Here's what you get.


The tech stack you need, not the tech stack we like. 

Get the exact tools and frameworks your project requires, without forcing our favorites. 


One team, one room, one client, full focus. 

We believe teams work best when they are single-tasking. Visit our offices and meet your team in person


Scale up and down easily.

We’re large enough to support ambitious projects. You can start small and scale as we go. 


Ridiculously easy cooperation.

We will help you clarify and prioritize features. We report progress constantly. And speak flawless english.

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How it works?

Email or call us

We’ll write or call you back as soon as possible (usually within 10 minutes).

Discovery call

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit, and sign an NDA if needed. Let’s assess your technical needs and business goals. After the call, we’ll recommend the best team setup for you. 

Receive an Estimate and Contract Template

It will include all the legal details of our cooperation. Review the content and get back to us with your thoughts.

Time for Your Feedback, Negotiation, and Q&A

A few days of leeway will help us iron out all the kinks and get ready for your project.

Meet Your Team

We’ll send you its full composition and the set of skills onboard.

Sign the Contract and Kickoff Your Project!

Let's make things official and after 2 weeks from the initial contact, you can start building software faster using your expanded development capacity..

Our Software Development Services

No matter the stage or scope of your project, we can help supercharge your software with our code.

About us

If you’re short on tech specialists, missing deadlines, or going over budget—we’re here for you. With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we provide end-to-end development services and team extension to clients across all industries.


We’re client-centric and technology-specific; large enough to scale up on demand, but small enough to still value personal relationships. Our people will work with you or your team like they were your own.


Our Python development company boasts over 350 software development professionals, from UI/UX designers and automated QA testers, through Product Owners and Scrum Masters, to full-stack Python and JavaScript developers.


We’re flexible, easy to work with, and ready for your project. From initial team setup to deployment and maintenance, we’ll do whatever it takes to meet your needs best.


Over 130 companies have come to us worried about staying within budget, meeting deadlines, and building a skilled team fast enough. We’ve helped all of their projects succeed.


Would you like to be the next one? Let’s talk.

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Director of Business Development

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Business Development Team Lead

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