A UX Audit is an expert assessment of digital products, focusing on their usability and user experience. It allows you to to solve any issues regarding the design of your product quickly without breaking the bank.

Perhaps you have an unreleased version of your application or you have just launched your MVP. Maybe you have a product that’s already been live on the market for quite some time and you see that something is wrong. In each scenario, a UX Audit can help you gain valuable insight that will allow you to achieve the following:

  • increase the conversion of your purchase path
  • generate more leads and sales
  • ensure better user engagement
  • increase the effectiveness of your UI
  • prevent users from making errors
  • allow for quicker and easier information finding
  • decrease support costs
  • improve the perception of your brand and product


  1. Research

    First we learn about your product and your business goals. We also research your end-users by creating scenarios for critical user paths that will allows us to recreate the typical tasks performed in your application.

  2. UX Analysis

    Next we perform heuristic analysis and a cognitive walkthrough in order to find any issues that might prevent users from completing tasks. Each finding is classified based on the severity of the issue and categorized into groups of system elements.

  3. Recommendation

    After identifying the issues that are preventing your product from reaching its full potential, we create recommendations on how to fix them. The list of issues and fixes, prioritized by necessity and effort, is documented in the form of a UX audit report.

  4. Next Steps

    Finally, we discuss next steps together and create a plan of action that will allow us to bring out the best of your product. We won’t leave you with a bunch a problems to solve but help with our range of product design and development services.


ux audit services
Focus on business goals

When performing the audit we focus on any issues that could prevent the product from fulfilling its business goals. Conversion is the most important metric for us.

software ux audit
Actionable recommendations

The audit will not only get you a full assessment of usability issues but also, and most importantly, recommendations on how to fix them. We always explore possibilities for quick wins that could benefit you and your product with easy fixes.

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Easy starting point

Always wanted to boost the user experience of your product but did not know where to start? A UX Audit is the perfect first step that will allow you to evaluate the status of your product and plan next steps.


For a limited time only, we are offering the UX Audit free of charge. Think of it as a way to put our Product Design services to the test. Don’t miss your chance and schedule a free UX Audit to discover areas of improvement in your software product.



Head to our Contact Us page or use the form to get in touch with us. We will set up a quick call to understand your product a little better, after which we will schedule the first steps of your UX Audit.