We offer software development outsourcing services as a safe, efficient and fully scalable solution that help our clients to launch new products faster, maximize ROI of existing software projects and gain competitive advantage through technology.


Our major strength comes from combining flexibility with perfect organization of teams and processes. By working with multiple clients facing similar challenges we’ve accumulated extensive knowledge and mastered the effective management of software development process.


Based on our experience we build tailored agile teams who are able to deliver working software on time. Despite working in a different country and time zone, a remote team can work with you almost as closely as if they were sitting in the next room. Our software house have the tools and proven practices to make that happen.


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About us

We are Europe’s Python Powerhouse. Over 185 developers stand ready to empower your project with well-reviewed code and a results-driven Agile process. We hand-pick our programmers with an emphasis on versatile coding skills, allowing us to use the Python or JS framework that will best suit your needs.

Based in Poland, our Python development company employs a total of over 300 professionals including UX designers, automatic QA testers and communication experts ensuring smooth cooperation with our partners. With over 14 years of experience under our belt, we can provide full-stack development services to clients across all industries.

Our Software Development Services

No matter the stage or scope of your project, we can help supercharge your software with our code.

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Signing outsourcing contracts:
what should you look out for?

Bespoke software is becoming an indispensable strategy for a growing number of businesses. But the huge demand for skilled programmers makes it impractical for most companies to employ in-house software developers.

If you’re in this situation, most likely you’ll end up working with a contractor specialized in outsourcing dev teams. They are known as software houses.

When you select software professionals to work with, you want them to know their game. They have gone through tens or hundreds of previous projects, so most likely they are the ones with superior experience in the software provider-client relationship. You are out of your area of expertise and you are about to face the first challenge: signing a contract.

The unique process of developing software and the hermetic vocabulary certainly won’t help. There is also a good chance that your law advisor has little or no experience with IT contracts and may overlook risks and unfavorable paragraphs. If you’re not careful, you may face consequences including:

  • copyright issues,
  • slower pace of software development,
  • inability to effectively change contractor,
  • lost money and time.

If you’re in charge of signing the contract it will be your job to look for every hole others may miss. The list provided in our article will help you spot the most common traps in custom software development contracts. Click the link below to read the whole article!

Why choose us?

Dedicated Teams

Every team consists of full-time developers working exclusively on your project. The teams are co-located in one room allowing you to communicate effectively with your team. 

Excellent Process

Agile methodology is a guard of our quality and efficiency. Your software grows progressively from MVP to fully featured product and you only pay for work that is actually necessary and done.


We considered trust and communication to be crucial factors for every outsourcing project to succeed. As a result of this belief we embrace a win-win mentality and work side by side with clients sharing their goals and vision. 


Over the years we invested in proven methodologies and strategies to be able to quickly react to your needs. We are able to set up an additional team in less than 21 days.

Domain Expertise

Over the years, we've invested heavily in both people and technology. The diverse outsourcing projects we've done have given us vast end-to-end development experience. As a result, your company will have direct access to highly specialized IT knowledge and latest technologies if you choose to work with our team.


Our proven track record of establishing dedicated teams for leading enterprises across a variety of industries have enabled us to create a solid process ensuring successful long-term relationships with our clients. 



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