The core of our offer consists of full-stack python development services.


We only hire software engineers with excellent universal programming skills. The market is full of developers that excel at a single framework. But if they aren’t versatile enough to adapt to new frameworks and unique project requirements - we don’t hire them.


This versatility allows us to advise you on your choice of framework with confidence. We pick the tools that are the best fit for your needs, not the ones we find it most comfortable to deal with. With over 170 developers, we can find a solution that matches your needs perfectly.


We understand a successful software product needs much more than just web development services. To bring you a complete end-to-end solution and spare you the hassle of searching for additional vendors, our offer also includes Product Design, Web Architecture, Software Testing and DevOps services.

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Why Python Development?

The popularity of Python in 2018

Since 2012, Python has been consistently growing in popularity, and the trend is likely to continue, if not increase, in the future.

Per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018, the demand and support for Python are also on the rise, and if projections are to be believed, Python will overtake Java in the coming years and claim the top spot.


Is Python’s popularity a good thing?

Yes, very much so. While generally what is popular isn’t always the best, in the case of programming languages the popularity pays off.

Thanks to Python’s popularity, you’re likely to find a ready-made solution to any problem you may be experiencing. The community of Python enthusiasts is strong and they are working tirelessly on improving the language every day.

Python also has a number of corporate sponsors, pushing to popularize the language further still. Among them are tech giants such as Google, which itself is using Python.


Fast development speed

Python is designed to be accessible. This makes writing Python code very easy and developing software in Python very fast.

What does that mean for your development team? Less time wasted struggling with the language and more time spent building your product.


Numerous libraries and frameworks

A huge advantage of Python is the wide selection of libraries and frameworks it offers. Your time-to-market will improve if you leverage them, since you won’t be coding features manually.

There’s a Python library for everything:

  • data visualization,
  • machine learning,
  • data science,
  • natural language processing,
  • complex data analysis.

From NumPy to TensorFlow—you name it, Python has it.

The same is true for frameworks, which help get your project off the ground and save you time and effort.

There’s a variety of frameworks to choose from, depending on your needs, such as:

  • Django,
  • Flask,
  • Pyramid,
  • Twisted,
  • Falcon



One of the biggest criticisms of Python is the runtime, relatively slow when compared to other languages. However, there’s a workaround to this specific challenge.

When performance takes priority, Python gives you the ability to integrate other, higher-performing languages into your code. Cython is a good example of such a solution. It optimizes your speed without forcing you to rewrite your entire code base from scratch.

Besides, the priciest resource isn’t CPU time, but rather your developers’ time. Therefore, reducing your time-to-market should always take precedence over fast runtime execution.


Easy maintenance

Python is intuitive to read, because it resembles actual English. This makes the language effortless to decipher and maintain.

Additionally, Python has a clear syntax and doesn’t require as many lines of code as Java or C to give you comparable results.


What are the benefits of Python’s high readability?

Python’s simplicity is particularly helpful in reading code—yours or someone else’s. Because Python code has fewer lines and mimics English, reviewing it takes a lot less time. This is a major benefit.

Reducing the time you need to spend on code review is invaluable, since the productivity of your developers should be your top priority.


Reliable scalability

Scalability is unpredictable. You never know when your user numbers surge and you find yourself prioritizing the ability to scale over anything else.

That’s why Python is such an optimal choice, with its reliability and scalability. Some of the biggest players on the web, like YouTube, have bet on Python for that very reason.



Why Python? Because:

  • it’s popular, fast, readable, intuitive, simple, clear, and scalable;
  • it offers a ton of useful frameworks and libraries;
  • it enjoys a vast and ever-growing community of supporters and enthusiasts.

Head over here for an in-depth look into why Python is the right choice for your tech stack.


Development Services


Python is the language that brought STX Next to existence when we first opened up shop in 2005. Simple and robust, Python eliminates many unnecessary hurdles in custom web application development. It leads to more readable code produced faster with less lines of code, meaning less testing and earlier deployment.

Over the years we’ve completed hundreds of projects using a wide range of Python frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, Flask and many more. When we advise you on a Python framework for your software project, you can be sure that the choice will be a perfect fit.

Frameworks we’ve worked with include: Django, Pyramid, Flask, Google App engine, Twisted, Plone, Falcon, Tornado and more.


Our standard development teams also include testers to verify the functionality of the code on a regular basis. We offer both manual and automated testers to supervise the quality of your software.

Additionally, our developers create unit tests as they work on new features. Such tests are used to check small fragments of code and quickly identify potential issues with pinpoint precision.

By combining manual testing, automated testing and unit tests, we minimize the development-to-market cycle while maintaining a world-class level of code quality.


We offer a range of professionals to drive maximum productivity of the development team. This includes developers along with testers, designers and Agile experts, all focused on the single goal of making your software product the best it can be.

At any point in our cooperation, you have access to every developer working for you. With a direct line to our intranet, you can track how individual tasks are progressing. Through regular status meetings, you get timely updates on any decisions to make, potential issues and milestones.

Contrary to many specialized software service firms we offer a holistic approach to generating value for our clients by providing full-stack software development along with Product Design, quality assurance, DevOps, and project governance.

While we’ve found that full Scrum teams are the most productive, we can also offer individual developers, testers, designers and Agile specialists upon request.


Over 12 years of making code, we've accumulated a wealth of experience in a variety of verticals. After 200+ successful projects from fintech and cybersecurity through ecommerce, healthcare, gambling up to Big Data and AI, we can help you tackle any challenge.

Standalone services

Start small to make big improvements in your software product.


Simulate future functionality and design before development begins.

Discovery workshops

Dive deep into your product concept to establish everything you need to start development.

Solution architecture

Design a solution architecture to meet your goals for efficiency, cost and scalability.



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