Software Product Design - what is the ROI of good UX?

8 min read

Product Design, QA

Let’s say you’re dealing with a software development project. You’re trying to develop an app or any other software product. Here’s how the story usually goes:

Your project is approved. Check.

You’ve assembled your development team. Check.

You’ve allocated your Product Design budget… Have you?


Marcin Siemieński

Product Designer

Managing software developers: 4 steps to improve your process

8 min read

Business, Agile, QA

So you’ve gone through the effort of hiring a team of software developers for your project. Now is the time to manage their work. How do you get the most out of their skills?

I’ve talked with Rafał Gajewski, one of our Service Delivery Managers, to find out what his experience can tell you about managing software developers effectively.

How can you save money and effort as a manager for software developers? We recommend focusing on 4 areas in particular that yield the best results.


Jakub Grajcar

Inbound Marketing Specialist

How can your software benefit from automated testing?

9 min read


Introducing changes to a live software product involves a certain risk which can not be ignored because breaking any functionality would entail financial losses. After all, the company relies on its software. As a result, a lot of effort must be put into quality assurance and testing software to avoid problems.

Of course this requires additional expenses to either hire more testers or outsource more work.

Does it always have to be like this?

The short answer is: no. This is where test automation plays its role.


Sebastian Buczyński

Senior Python Developer STX Next

Software development outsourcing: 5 holes in your contract

12 min read

Business, Agile, QA

When you select software professionals to work with, you want them to know their game. You may go through tens or hundreds of their previous projects, but you are still vulnerable. You are out of your area of expertise and you are about to face the first challenge: signing a contract.

We're here to help you tackle this challenge. This list will help you spot the most common traps in software development contracts. Click to learn how to avoid copyright issues and ensure a fair and productive relationship.


Marcin Zabawa

Head of Service Delivery

Practical tips for JIRA Software

4 min read

Agile, QA

Software development projects nowadays are becoming more and more complex and aim to deliver products with lots of features. Managing such projects can be easier once you choose suitable issue tracking and project management tools.

There are many solutions available on the market: JIRA Software,, Basecamp or Trello. They can all support a wide range of software development projects. Obviously, each tool has its pros and cons but my personal favorite is JIRA Software created by Atlassian.


Tomasz Kołodziejczyk

Scrum Master