The measurable benefits of unit testing

9 min read

QA, Business, Python, JS

Articles praising the usage of unit testing are a dime a dozen. A little less popular but still readily available are articles that will try to convince you that unit tests are a waste of time, at least in some cases.

Most of them (or maybe even all?) try to prove their arguments based on feelings, on the author’s own assessment of what is good and effective or bad and inefficient.

In this article, I won’t be trying to prove which side is right.


Maciej Polańczyk

Python Developer

Progressive Web Apps - Features and Business Advantages

8 min read

Business, JS

If there are any exciting new possibilities that can increase the business value of your web apps, we want you to know everything worth knowing about them. Which is why today we’re going to talk about Progressive Web Apps, or the next generation of ‘app-like’ mobile web experiences.

Read on to find out what Progressive Web Apps can do for the end user and for your business. We’ll go in-depth into the features, limitations and business advantages of PWAs - because it’s an option that should not be left unexplored.


Jakub Grajcar

Inbound Marketing Specialist


Rafał Gajewski

Service Delivery Manager