STX Next wins Employer Branding Award for Best Offline Campaign in 2017

2 min read

Business, HR

STX Next received recognition for their Employer Branding activities by, winning the Employer Branding Excellence Award for the Best Offline Campaign in 2017.

Among the offline activities that allowed STX Next to win the award were the software house’s numerous workshop events such as Python Has Power, Agile Has Power and QA Has Power in various cities around Poland.


STX Next

Python Powerhouse

8 recruitment sins we never commit

4 min read


Have you recently attended any job interviews? Applied to a few appealing job offers, perhaps? If you did, you probably came across one or more of what we call the 8 Cardinal Sins of Recruitment.

Tell me if you could say this about your process:

  1. The job description didn’t correspond with what tasks the job actually required.

  2. There was no answer after applying. I don’t know if the company received my CV or not.


Agata Landzwójczak

HR Manager