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Thinking of taking the plunge and getting your hands dirty with Python? Perhaps you’re already familiar with the language, but want to dig deeper to find out just how far this rabbit hole goes.

Whether you’re a developer with some knowledge of programming or are just now dipping your toes in these waters, you’ve made the right choice. Python is an easy-to-grasp language that is, at the same time, versatile enough for you to do some interesting things with.

Still, the decision to learn how to use Python effectively is only the first step on this thrilling journey. Once that’s out of the way, it’s time to educate yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for basic tutorials or news on all the latest developments, you’ll need some quality sources to keep you posted on all things Python.

To make things extra easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reliable Python blogs—it’s as good a place to start as any!

Table of contents

1. Planet Python

2. Full Stack Python

3. Mouse vs. Python

4. Doug Hellmann

5. Real Python

6. PyBloggers

7. TalkPython

8. Python Software Foundation

9. Finxter

10. The Python Guru

So little time, so much to read

Python vs. Other Programming Languages

1. Planet Python—the go-to Python blog

Planet Python

Planet Python is probably one of the first sources you’ll ever consult for all your Python needs. The reason for this is quite simple—it’s immensely comprehensive.

With several posts a day on average, Planet Python’s incredible range is owed to the fact that it brings together recent Python-related posts from various other blogs. All the sources are reputable and the posts themselves have been carefully selected as well, resulting in a blog that gets you a good range of news and tutorials all across the board.

Notable post

With a blog as diverse as Planet Python, selecting one post that will serve as an example of the site’s versatility is quite challenging, but if we were to choose a recent example, there’s ListenData’s Pandas Python Tutorial. It’s a good indication of how in-depth the tutorials linked on this blog can go.

2. Full Stack Python—a comprehensive resource by multiple Python bloggers

Full Stack Python

If you’re looking for a dedicated resource that will help you get your latest Python-based app up and running in no time, Full Stack Python definitely lives up to its name.

It’s true that updates happen quite haphazardly—some months have multiple updates, followed by a month of two or silence. Nevertheless, each new post is a detailed, very nicely presented tutorial on one of the many platforms utilizing Python that will help you get your project off the ground.

Notable post

To best illustrate the full scope of their tutorials, the post about Flask is a great example. On top of providing their own instructions and guidelines, Full Stack Python link to plenty of resources geared towards both beginners and intermediate users, so you’ve got a lot of reading to work with!

3. Mouse vs. Python—a Python blog with undeniable charm

Mouse vs. Python

Don’t let the disarmingly cute name deceive you—Mouse vs. Python is one of the best sources if you’re looking for the latest scoop on all things Python. With posts on all the latest updates and announcements, as well as interviews with notable Python developers, this blog will keep you up to speed on everything you need to know about the latest goings-on in the Python world from a less technical standpoint. The endearing art found throughout is also a plus.

Notable post

Did you know that the recent Black Hole photo was made possible with a bunch of Python libraries? This post goes into further detail.

4. Doug Hellmann—run by a prominent Python blogger

Doug Hellmann

Run by the creator of Python Module of the Week, this blog acts as more of a database for the many Python libraries available. Though the posts don’t come regularly, they’re always very robust rundowns of what can be found in the latest updates. Occasionally, you’ll be treated to longer posts written by Doug, which act more as an assortment of think pieces and guides related to Python.

Notable post

Plant Your Acorns. A slightly longer post that’s nonetheless worth the read, as it goes into detail about governing open source projects, with various in-depth tips.

5. Real Python—a comprehensive Python programming blog

Real Python

Real Python is fantastic if you want a robust course that’s very easy to digest. With eye-catching infographics, videos, and an overall fun vibe, this course (because that’s what this blog is, essentially) will show you the ropes and give you all the necessary tools to start your Python adventure, while still whetting your appetite for more.

Notable post

What is Pip? A detailed step-by-step guide that will teach you all there is to know about pip, the standard package manager for Python.

Introduction to Python for Tech Managers

6. PyBloggers—the best Python bloggers come together


Much like Planet Python, this blog brings together posts from various Python bloggers all around the internet, though they do still have their own contributors create unique posts. It’s rich in tutorials, tips and tricks that will make coding in Python a breeze.

Notable post

A post provided by one of the site’s own contributors. It’s a comprehensive tutorial on how clustering can be used to determine what the dominant color of the image is.

7. TalkPython—a Python blog in audio form


And now for something completely different. We thought that there might be instances in which you want to learn more but for one reason or another—whether you’re stuck in traffic or are simply too tired to keep your eyes open—you can’t read a blog post at the moment.

Here’s where TalkPython comes into play. It’s a similar deal to a lot of the other blogs on this list, but this time it’s a podcast! Kick back and listen to some of the biggest experts in the field talk about useful Python-related topics.

8. Python Software Foundation—fresh Python-related content provided by the creators themselves

Python Software Foundation

Of course, if you really want to know exactly what is going on in the world of Python, your best bet is to start looking at the source. WIth the Python Software Foundation blog, you’ll be on top of all the updates as they happen, tutorials provided by the creators themselves, as well as the latest news from within the company.

Notable post

As an example of what you can encounter on this site, here’s a report on Python Brasil from October 2018.

9. Finxter—a Python programming blog for the forward-thinking crowd


A blog with a wide variety of Python-related guides that is geared a bit more to the hot, hip and trendy crowd. The guides are all quite bite-sized, but they give you very practical tips that are very easy to take in thanks to the format.

Notable post

As an example of a very specific guide from the blog, here’s a detailed yet simple explanation of Python Endswith that is bound to leave you with some good, practical knowledge.

10. The Python Guru—a Python programming blog offering practical guides and solutions

The Python Guru

The Python Guru is the perfect blog for both absolute beginners in the field of Python, as well as veterans looking for something interesting to read. There are a ton of guides here, not all of which are technical, as they mostly focus on the practical applications of the software, especially in relation to the carrying out business projects.

Notable post

Here’s a post that goes into detail about how Python can help carry out projects that involve AI and machine learning—definitely a relevant issue!

So little time, so much to read

Python is an incredible solution that opens up a ton of opportunities, but we know all too well just how much looking up reliable sources of knowledge on the topic can take. We hope our little list will come in handy, giving you all the info you need in an organized, digestible form.

And if you ever get thirsty for more knowledge, head on up to our own blog! After all, we at STX Next have quite a bit of expertise in the field ourselves. With over 14 years on the market, 250+ successful projects, and more than 130 satisfied clients, we have a lot of knowledge we’re happy to share with you.

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