STX Next CEO to Speak at Bloomberg Live Event in London

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Poznań, Poland—STX Next is pleased to announce that their CEO, Maciej Dziergwa, will be speaking at a Bloomberg Live event in London called Charting Poland’s Future: Spotlight on Growth & Innovation.

About the event

Charting Poland’s Future: Spotlight on Growth & Innovation will take place on September 25 in London, in Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters.

Part of the inspiration behind the event is Poland’s recent upgrade from Emerging Market to Developed Market by a leading index provider. Poland is the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to receive such an upgrade.

CEOs of the largest and fastest growing companies in Poland have been invited to the event to share the lessons they have learned along the way to the Developed Market status. Among them is Maciej Dziergwa, CEO of STX Next.

The agenda includes:

  • a Bloomberg Intelligence Presentation summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of Poland’s new classification,
  • an expert panel discussion on the impact of the reclassification,
  • an interview with Paweł Surówka, CEO of PZU SA,
  • the View from the C-Suite panel.
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The View from the C-Suite panel

Part of the event will be a panel focusing on the role of CEOs in Poland’s transformation, and their journey towards that goal.

During the panel, Maciej will present his CEO perspective on growing a software house and going global under the conditions of the current market.

Other experts on the panel include:

  • Anna Rulkiewicz, CEO of LUX MED, the largest network of private medical clinics in Poland;
  • Paweł Przewięźlikowski, CEO of Selvita, a global drug discovery company for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries;
  • Martin Balawajder, CFO of 11 Bit Studios, the game development company behind such titles as Frostpunk and This War of Mine;
  • Michał Krupiński, CEO of Bank Pekao, currently the second largest bank in Poland.

The STX Next delegation in London

Maciej Dziergwa will not be the only one visiting the Bloomberg Live event to represent STX Next. He will be accompanied by Matthew Harris, Director of International Partnerships; Paul Jurdeczka, Product Strategy Consultant; and Łukasz Koczwara, Service Delivery Director.

As Service Delivery Director, Łukasz Koczwara is responsible for overseeing the work of all 5 branches of STX Next. Łukasz had this to say before the event:

Part of what makes me excited about the event is the lineup, which is impressive. I’m hoping to make valuable connections there. As for the theme of the event, I think Poland’s future is bright. We have good access to manpower, our talent pool is well-educated and skilled. We also have preferential tax regulations and a superb location within Europe in terms of timezone and connections with other locations. Poland is already worth investing in, and I believe that once we secure a few areas where we can produce and export hi-tech product at scale, the Polish economy will only continue to accelerate.

Łukasz Koczwara, Service Delivery Director at STX Next

About STX Next

STX Next is most likely the largest Python software house in Europe.

With over 300 professionals on board, STX Next delivers services in Python/JavaScript development, mobile development, digital product design, software testing, and DevOps. Its portfolio of clients includes Israeli startups, fintechs of all sizes, a range of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, and top players in gaming and advertising.

The software house focuses on practicing true Agile and Scrum, coupling precise software engineering with inspiring product design, and rapidly gaining expertise in new technologies. STX Next is also notorious for its strict recruitment process for developers, ensuring its talent pool remains at the top level.

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To find out more about the Bloomberg event, including the full agenda, visit:

To stay up to date on STX Next’s involvement, follow their LinkedIn page.


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