STX Next Expands Its Product Design Services Team in 2017

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Poznań, Poland - STX Next, Europe’s largest Python and JavaScript development company, has announced a strategic shift in its Software Product Design services. The software house is moving away from individual designers consulting for each development team towards a standalone Product Design team working as one for a range of clients.

“We've decided to set up a standalone team in order to cover all the necessary elements of successful product design for all our projects. Growing demand and the challenging nature of the field require expert knowledge on different subjects in order to provide true value and cover all aspects of product design,” says Wiktor Pawlik, Product Design Lead at STX Next.

Growing the Product Design Services Team

This change comes on the heels of significant growth of the software house’s Product Design Services team. In just over 5 months, STX Next has added 3 new hires to its Product Design roster. Representatives of the company are excited to help clients establish and improve their software product design, paving the way to true end-to-end outsourcing and long-term technological partnerships.

The software house decided to make 2017 the year to expand its Product Design services by bringing in additional talent.

“Since we’ve added Product Design services to our offer, clients have taken a keen interest. In some cases, clients call for half-time or even full-time product design support as soon as they hear the option is available. This enthusiasm was a strong motivator to look for additional UX/UI Designers and Web Graphic Designers. Our recruitment is speeding up constantly, and we are scaling our product design involvement with existing clients,” said Matthew Harris, Director of International Partnerships at STX Next.

Potential partners of STX Next can make use of a variety of design solutions offered by the Polish software house. The company’s Product Design services include not only UX/UI and Web Design but also usability testing, product strategy, market research and data analysis.

STX Next Product Designers share their thoughts

The new members of STX Next’s Software Product Design Team are eager to make an impact. They’re already providing their services to clients around the world, including the US, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and France.

“Working for international clients on projects within a vast range of industries requires a reasonable amount of flexibility and empathy. It is one thing to understand and anticipate our client business goals but another to solve digital problems for different environments and cultural contexts. Successfully combine those two aspects and it will create delightful experiences that people are talking about. Our job as Product Designers is done when we solve the problem - both for the business and the end user,” said Marcin Siemieński, Product Designer at STX Next.

The newest addition to the team is Jagoda Tylkowska. “I can definitely say that I see many new possibilities ahead of me here at STX Next. Exciting projects and great team cooperation - those were the first, most prominent insights for me after the first couple of days,” said Jagoda.

Thus far, STX Next has provided Product Design services to clients from a broad range of industries, including Fintech, Big Data, Pharmaceuticals, Cybersecurity, and Retail.

One such client is Seerene, a German company specializing in Big Data and Analytics. Seerene’s tool helps enterprises gain actionable insights into code, applications and teams. Aside from the German headquarters, the company has additional offices in Hong Kong and the US. STX Next has provided Seerene with comprehensive Product Design services, and the collaboration is ongoing.

STX Next also collaborated with TBSeen, a British startup founded by Kate Thornton and several other celebrities. TBSeen’s Managing Director shared his opinion about the software house’s services in a review:

“We quickly developed a real sense of partnership instead of a vendor-type relationship.”

Neal Hendley, Managing Director at TBSeen

The future for Product Design services at STX Next

STX Next’s plan for 2018 is to continue improving their Product Design offer.

The company’s focus remains the same as in prior years. The plan is to offer its clients a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that goes beyond just software development and into testing, DevOps and business consulting. In this context, investing in product design services was a natural next step.

As the demand keeps growing, the company intends to expand its design team further while maintaining the quality of service that its clients value, especially in terms of focusing on business goals.

"We treat User Experience not as a goal in itself, but as part of a competitive strategy to design products that can achieve success on the market. Whenever we focus on creating highly converting flows, optimizing task efficiency or maintaining consistency across complex systems, we always focus on matching the 3 key elements of a successful product: meeting business goals, satisfying user needs, and being technologically feasible," adds Wiktor Pawlik.

About STX Next

STX Next has 12 years of market experience as a tech partner helping startups and enterprises build high-impact digital products. The company has 5 branches in different Polish cities, and employs nearly 300 professionals.

STX Next offers the services of a range of IT specialists, including over 150 Python and JS developers along with manual and automated testers, software product designers and DevOps experts. The software house has completed over 200 projects for clients ranging from the UK, Germany and France to the United States and Israel.

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