10 Reasons to Work with STX Next

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What makes you choose the right company to work with? Of course, in most cases your best bet is to rely on the opinions of others. That is why we value our client reviews to continue our effective practices and to improve the things in which we can do better.

To give you an idea of the technical and soft skills you can expect from STX Next, I’ve gone through our Clutch reviews and I’d like to show you 10 reasons to work with STX Next.  

Curious what our clients appreciate in our partnership? Read all about it below:

1. Efficiency helps reduce costs, saving time and effort, so it is really important for companies. Fortunately this aspect is mentioned many times with regards to cooperation with STX Next.

“STX Next is unique in that they don’t just deliver what you ask for. They help us develop the right software in a more efficient way.”

Head of Development in Computer Software Company

London, United Kingdom

“The project team demonstrated efficiency by streamlining processes and supplying frequent performance metrics. Resources always communicated effectively, and the deliverables were almost completely bug-free.”

CTO in Marketing & Advertising Company

London, United Kingdom


2. Reliability which comes from experience and extensive knowledge. We offer services and solutions which satisfy demanding clients even with tight budgets and deadlines.

“They deliver solutions within the specified budget and on-time, which can be challenging for other suppliers. Clients can expect reliable service and attention to detail even on larger, complicated projects.”

Hans de Wit, Manager KNMP

Hague, Netherlands


3. Resourceful teams ready to move  quickly and take action, with members cooperating smoothly with each other.

“Their team is very creative and innovative, and working with them is sheer fun.”

Sales and Business Development Director in Softax, Krzysztof Krzos

Warsaw, Poland


4. Talented people who are the essence of the company force.

"They have incredibly talented people at STX Next who have more than just a technical understanding of things."

Founder  & CEO in Information Technology Company,



5. Passion for the business because we love what we do. It keeps us going despite the difficulties and it leads to success.

“I've worked with many vendors in my career for similar work. STX Next stands out through the passion showed for the business. This starts at the top, with their principal. STX Next has paid a lot of attention to customer details.”

CEO in Internet Company

Seattle, Washington


6. Communication with clients is fundamental to build long-term relations with them.

“STX Next also helped the client understand how the product would respond to market constraints.”

Co-Founder & COO, Fizo Corp

Toronto Metro Area, Canada

"Apart from their quality of work and timeliness, it was important for us to have clear communication. STX Next met this expectation very well."

Mobile Development Lead in Information Technology

Tel Aviv, Israel


7. Flexible and easy to implement tools are exactly what companies are looking for nowadays to improve efficiency.

“STX Next used tools that were flexible and very easy to implement.”

“The client praises STX Next for their dedication to every project, flexibility, and thorough understanding of modern tools.”

Former Director of Product Development, Financial Services Firm

Warsaw, Poland


8. Quality is the business card of companies looking to conquer the market. We have it!

“Key highlights include a clear commitment to quality assurance, well-organized project management, and the ability to brainstorm proactively with their clients.”

Sr. Engineering Manager in Financial Technology Company

Austin, Texas


9. Good organization helps us optimize work and make things easier for both ourselves and our clients.

“They are a very organized group. My team wasn’t used to working with outsourced resources, but STX Next made the experience very pleasant. I was very impressed by them and have really enjoyed the collaboration.”

R&D Director in Telecommunications Company

Paris, France


10. The human touch means that we are not only a company selling services but also good partners who take care to maintain good relations.

“They’re more human than other companies in Poland. More of a team member than just a developer you outsource a task to.”

Senior IT Specialist, Forestry Information Center



These positive comments show that STX Next is appreciated not only in Poland but in many other countries all over the world. Although the competition is everywhere, we have strong arguments why it is worth to work with us.


If you have any questions or want to discuss this issue, you can reach me at patrycja.okowicka@stxnext.pl or via LinkedIn


Patrycja Okowicka

Junior Inbound Marketing Specialist

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