STX Next wins Employer Branding Award for Best Offline Campaign in 2017

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STX Next received recognition for their Employer Branding activities by, winning the Employer Branding Excellence Award for the Best Offline Campaign in 2017.

Among the offline activities that allowed STX Next to win the award were the software house’s numerous workshop events such as Python Has Power, Agile Has Power and QA Has Power in various cities around Poland.

The contest jury included experts in the Employer Branding field such as Anna Macnar, CEO at HRM Institute, and Dr. Beata Buchelt, lecturer at the Cracow School of Business under the Cracow University of Economics for postgraduate studies and Executive MBA/International MBA studies.

We are delighted to know that our Has Power workshops are not only appreciated among IT specialists but also recognized by leaders in Employer Branding.

Agnieszka Słodkowska, Employer Branding & HR Super Hero at STX Next

The STX Next HR team also took to Facebook to celebrate their EB success.

This year marked the sixth time that the Employer Branding Excellence Awards were given out. The 2017 edition included two additional categories compared to the previous years: recruitment videos and career website pages. This year also saw a record number of honorable mentions.

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About STX Next

As a Python development company with over 12 years of experience, STX Next is Europe’s Python Powerhouse. Employing over 280 professionals including over 150 Python and JavaScript developers, STX Next has delivered more than 200 web and mobile software projects for leading brands in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

For years, STX Next has been helping software development enthusiasts increase their knowledge by holding free “Has Power” events focusing on Python, JavaScript, Agile and QA.


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