8 recruitment sins we never commit

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Have you recently attended any job interviews? Applied to a few appealing job offers, perhaps? If you did, you probably came across one or more of what we call the 8 Cardinal Sins of Recruitment.

Tell me if you could say this about your process:

  1. The job description didn’t correspond with what tasks the job actually required.

  2. There was no answer after applying. I don’t know if the company received my CV or not.

  3. I didn’t get a recruiter’s contact e-mail or phone number.

  4. The interview lasted 3 hours… and I was exhausted.

  5. The questions were not related (or I didn’t see any relation) to the job.

  6. The interviewer was neither prepared nor interested in listening to me.

  7. There was no time in which I could ask my questions.

  8. I didn’t get any feedback afterwards.

At STX Next we strongly believe that the recruitment process should be a valuable experience for all candidates. Either you get a great job or you find out what to improve on, before trying again. We are constantly improving our approach to recruitment and are eager to listen to the candidates’ opinions (some of them you’ll find below).

What will you experience while applying to STX Next? How does our recruitment process differ from others?

  1. You will always find our current job ads at our website, including salary information (for most roles). We update the offers on a regular basis.

  2. We place our basic contact info wherever we can, letting you choose the way of contacting us that suits you most.

  3. While applying through our application form, we will ask you only for the must-know basic information.

  4. You will get a confirmation e-mail. Yes, it’s sent automatically but it gives you the certainty that your CV reached us. And yes, we always read your application :)

  5. Within 1-3 working days we will browse and briefly analyse your CV. If it matches our expectations, we will invite you to the first interview. If it doesn’t, we will send you a feedback specifying the reasons for rejection. If your application is unclear to us, we will get back to you with questions.

  6. The first interview is an assessment of your job-related skills and knowledge and lasts approx. 1h - 1.5 h. If you are a developer, you will be given questions and tasks that are related to your programming language or platform (Python or JavaScript).

  7. The second interview is more “soft-skills” oriented and we will mostly focus on your past experience, motivators and preferences. We will ask you about your behaviors, which is why this method of interviewing is called behavioral. It will last approx. 2 h. We can also combine the two interviews and invite you to one longer meeting, if you prefer to do it all in one go.

  8. Within 2-3 days you will receive feedback. If we decide to contract you, you will get a detailed offer both by phone and by e-mail. If we decide not to contract you this time, you will get specific and detailed feedback what led to our decision, which we can expand on by phone. Likewise, we will also ask you for feedback to improve our recruitment process in the future.

  9. Before you start to work with us, you will get all the information as you need to get familiar with your future role, the project you will join and the formal rules and conditions of work.

All of the steps could be replaced with one phrase: caring for the candidate’s experience. And if you think our boasting is unfounded, take a look at some of the feedback for our recruitment process:


I would like to thank you for a friendly recruitment process. The atmosphere during my interview, the well-framed questions along with the time and patience in providing answers for me, made a really good impression and helped in coping with stress.


Convinced? Check out our current job openings and find the one that suits you best. If there is nothing for you at the moment, you can always reach us and leave your contact information for future reference at: rekrutacja@stxnext.pl. Some of the job postings might remind you of a friend that’s looking for a great job in IT - make sure to forward this message to them :)

See you soon!

Agata Landzwójczak

STX Next Recruitment Team



Agata Landzwójczak

HR Manager

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