Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Hire Python Developers in the US and Canada

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The demand for skilled software developers is growing every day and companies looking to hire new developers need to take stock of this if they want to avoid costly mistakes.

If you are a CTO, VP/Head of Engineering or a startup founder looking for programmers who can get the job done, here’s what you need to know.

The IT hiring landscape is becoming more competitive. The salaries that developers can demand will continue to grow. This means that it’s getting more and more expensive to attract, hire, and retain high-quality in-house IT talent.

Salary considerations are one of the important factors in hiring decisions. The higher the salaries in your city, the more attractive and cost-effective outsourcing your software development becomes. Think in-house employees versus freelancers, subcontractors, and software development companies.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 most expensive cities (in the US and Canada) to hire a Python developer. How does your city stack up?

(If you want a step-by-step guide to calculating the true cost of in-house development, grab our free ebook.)

Average salary = average salary for general software developers

With Python skills = average reported salaries for developers with Python skills

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United States: Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Hire a Python Developer

#10. Atlanta, GA

  • Average salary: $85,000

#9. Portland, OR

  • Average salary: $90,000

#8. Austin, TX

  • Average salary: $90,000
  • With Python skills: $80,010

#7. Raleigh, NC

  • Average salary: $90,000

#6. Sacramento, CA

  • Average salary: $92,000

#5. Madison, WI

  • Average salary: $95,000

#4. Boston, MA

  • Average salary: $100,000
  • With Python skills: $85,234

#3. Seattle, WA

  • Average salary: $113,242
  • With Python skills: $99,224

#2. San Francisco, CA

  • Average salary; $120,000
  • With Python skills: $115,840

#1. San Jose, CA

  • Average salary: $122,500
  • With Python skills: $115,922

Canada: Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Hire a Python Developer

Most expensive cities in Canada to hire Python developers

#10. Mississauga

  • Average salary: C$59,966

#9. London

  • Average salary: C$60,121

#8. Victoria

  • Average salary: C$60,972

#7. Montreal

  • Average salary: C$62,769
  • With Python skills: C$64,986

#6. Kitchener

  • Average salary: C$63,570

#5. Vancouver

  • Average salary: C$65,034
  • With Python skills: C$71,813

#4. Toronto

  • Average salary: C$66,806
  • With Python skills: C$72,607

#3. Waterloo

  • Average salary: C$67,832
  • With Python skills: C$74,905

#2. Calgary

  • Average salary: C$68,264
  • With Python skills: C$70,354

#1. Ottawa

  • Average salary: C$68,361
  • With Python skills: C$78,559

How much will in-house development cost you?

Need help calculating the true cost of a new developer?

Hint: Don’t rely on salary alone!

There are numerous, oft-ignored costs involved in hiring and maintaining employees that are not reflected in the salary. A developer is always, always, always more expensive to a company than his salary.

That’s why we’ve put together this short, helpful guide to show you exactly how to calculate a developer’s true cost. If you want lower costs, more comfortable budget positions, and higher profit margins, download our free ebook and make sure your hiring decisions in the future are properly informed.

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